How Marriages Survive Infidelity

Cheating is one of the most hurtful things a partner can do in a relationship. To share physical, emotional or both types of connections with another person is a betrayal and one that is very difficult to come back from. Can marriages really survive infidelity? They can and they do. Many people assume cheating would be a deal-breaker until it actually happens. Getting past it isn’t easy, but if you love your spouse and see hope for a future, you can find your way back to a real and trusting relationship.

Here are the ways marriages can survive infidelity. (more…)

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Cheaters May Be Genetically Predisposed To Infidelity, Study Finds

Whoever coined the phrase “once a cheater, always a cheater” may not have known just how right she or he was. People who cheat once are likely to cheat again, but it may be far more than just a bad habit.

According to a new Australian study from the University of Queensland, certain people may have a genetic profile that makes them more likely to cheat on a romantic partner.


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Could My Husband’s Cheating Be An Addiction?

Finding out that your husband has betrayed you is a terrible feeling. Your trust, not to mention your marriage vows, has been violated. And if he has done it more than once, you might wonder what you have done wrong. Is it your fault that he strays? Or is there something else going on? You may have heard about sex addiction, and infidelity as an addiction is a popular idea.

Whether your husband has a sex addiction or not is for an expert to decide, but if you’re worried about it, here’s some information to help you figure out what to do next.


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How Guilty Should You Feel About An Emotional Affair?

Is sexual activity the defining feature of an affair, or can you cheat on your partner even when no sex is involved? And no sexual activity means none at all: no in-person sex, phone sex, Internet sex, explicit text messages or anything else. Can an emotional connection with someone other than your partner become so intense and involving that it qualifies as a violation of your relationship?

Emotional affairs can be a true gray area, much more so than the “gray areas” involved in Internet infidelity. It’s a question of degrees, and determining whether there is a level of emotional attachment with another person can impact your marriage or relationship. (more…)

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5 Reasons People Cheat

Cheating in a relationship can be devastating. Some couples manage to work through it, while others just can’t continue. What the offended partner is always left wondering, regardless of whether the relationship survives, is why? Why does anyone cheat in a relationship? Sometimes even the cheater isn’t sure. In some cases it may be a genuine case of sex addiction — a compulsive urge to engage in inappropriate sexual relationships — but in others the causes are not so clinical. (more…)

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Are Some People Hardwired For Sex?

Sex addiction will always be a controversial subject. Addiction itself is controversial, with some people still believing it to be a moral failing and a matter of choice. Addictions that involve a behavior rather than a chemical substance will always be more difficult to define, diagnose and explain, and sex addiction is no exception. Recent research is adding more fuel to the debate with the finding that some people are hardwired to desire more sex than others. It raises the question: Is this the basis for sex addiction? (more…)

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The Jian Ghomeshi Sex Scandal: An Abuse Of Power

By Virginia Gilbert, MFT

What’s disturbing about Jian Ghomeshi, host of the popular Canadian show Q who was recently fired during a storm of sexual assault allegations, isn’t that he liked kinky sex. What’s disturbing is that he justified his abuse of women by attributing his egregious behavior to consensual BDSM practices.

Each of the eight women who’ve come forward with details of their relationships with Ghomeshi (more…)

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New Survey Investigates Porn Addiction And Its Impact On Marriage

Addiction to pornography is a serious issue, particularly with the widespread availability of explicit material via the Internet, and a new survey commissioned by Proven Men Ministries reveals some interesting findings about how common pornography use may be and the potential for (more…)

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Confess Infidelity To Save Your Marriage?

When you commit a marital infraction, you are betraying the trust of your spouse and breaking the vows you made at your wedding ceremony. It’s a big deal, and it means that you are faced with a choice: to tell or to keep it a secret. There are convincing arguments to be made for each choice, which depend upon your (more…)

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Keeping Up With The Sex And Love Lexicon – “Sexicon”

The information age has brought rapid and drastic change to, well, just about everything. Some of the most dizzying changes have occurred with language, as new terms appear and spread with astonishing speed. The world of interpersonal relationships has also evolved quickly, as the Internet has spawned entirely new ways to socialize, meet people, and even conduct illicit affairs. And, of course, the effects of the digital age on love and language together have created (more…)

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