Infidelity in the Digital Age: An Infographic

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Finding Love in the Digital Age: An Infographic

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Infidelity Drops to Second Place for Reasons for Divorce

According to a 2011 U.K. survey, the No. 1 reason why couples divorce is that they fall out of love – marking the first time extramarital affairs didn’t land the top spot since the poll began eight years ago.

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Recreational Cybersex Can Lead to Addiction and Other Consequences

Many users of cybersex websites and materials may believe that since the interactions take place in a virtual reality, the activity doesn’t carry serious consequences. They’re wrong, say recent news reports, including one from

The consequences of cybersex include addiction, destruction of marital or family relationships, loss of job, and depression. People may experiment with cybersex thinking that it’s all for fun, then quickly find themselves in a landslide of pornography and obsessive thoughts they can’t control. (more…)

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The Chronicles of GOP Candidates’ Sex Lives Begin

When you run for office, nothing is private. At least that’s the approach some are taking as the GOP primaries approach. In the past, the inquiry could’ve been drug use, sometimes even a candidate’s political views. This year, a favorite subject among candidates is their opponents’ sex lives.

Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, was the most recent victim. Less than a week after announcing his candidacy for president, the Austin Chronicle newspaper published a full-page advertisement asking “Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry?”

Placed by a group called “Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy” which backs Perry’s opponent, Ron Paul, the ad solicits real-life sexcapades of strippers, escorts and “young hotties” who have had encounters with Perry. It is directed specifically to those who wish to publicize their experiences with “a Christian-buzzwords-spouting, ‘family values’ hypocrite and fraud.”
Drawing on rumors that Perry is gay, a note at the bottom of the ad reads, “Note to gay people. If you know the truth about Rick, please QUIT covering for him.”
To date, there is no evidence that Perry has been involved in any extramarital affairs. Perry’s spokesman said that Perry and his wife, Anita, “have been lovingly married since 1982 and are parents to two grown children.”
The controversial ad has commentators clamoring. Have we gone too far? Why would a newspaper run this ad?

Washington Post writer Alexandra Petri notes, “It’s not even a personal attack. It’s an ad hoping it can make a personal attack later. Is this really where we are?”

The clear message to this new wave of mud-slingers: Get the facts before hurling accusations. What’s more, get serious about the real issues and leave what happens in politicians’ bedrooms behind closed doors.

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Schwarzenegger a Poster Boy for Infidelity?

When the story broke that Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had cheated on his wife, Maria Shriver, and had fathered a child with a woman on his household staff, condemnation spread around the world. Judged as immoral, heartless and entitled, Schwarzenegger has since maintained an understandably low profile.

But not everyone was reviled by his act of betrayal. In fact, one company sought to reward Schwarzenegger with a publicity deal. Ashley Madison, a dating website for married people looking to have an affair, has relentlessly pursued The Governator as a spokesperson for their brand.

Months ago, Ashley Madison approached Schwarzenegger with a five-year, $10 million contract be their international poster boy for married men who cheat. He would’ve been an ideal fit as the company extended its reach to the German, Austrian and Swiss pool of married men and women in search of an affair. A sweet deal, but one that Schwarzenegger (wisely) ignored.

Now, Ashley Madison is at it again, offering to give the state of California $100,000 in exchange for a media photo of Schwarzenegger in an Ashley Madison T- shirt during one of his bike rides. The latest proposal came on the heels of a report that Schwarzenegger wore a T-shirt that read “I survived Maria” during a bike ride.

Despite his poor judgment in the fashion department, odds are likely that Schwarzenegger won’t take Ashley Madison’s latest deal. But chances are some other celebrity will. There is no shortage of candidates, and Ashley Madison is hiring.

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Giving New Meaning to “Veterans’ Affairs”

Military service puts people at risk for a host of problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder, violence, substance abuse, depression, compulsive gambling and insomnia. Now researchers add to that list a risk many wouldn’t anticipate: a greater likelihood of cheating.

After analyzing data from a 1992 national survey, Andrew S. London, chair of the sociology department and a sociology professor at Syracuse University, made the following findings:

•    Military veterans are about twice as likely to have extramarital sex as married non-veterans (32 percent compared to 16.8 percent).
•    Veterans were nearly 10 percent more likely to have gotten divorced than non-veterans (38.5 percent compared to 28.9 percent).
•    Those veterans who engaged in extramarital sex were 2.3 times more likely to be divorced.

While the study didn’t include enough women to draw definitive conclusions, researchers believe these findings may apply to women veterans as well.

“The results of this study provide robust evidence that veteran status was strongly associated with an increased likelihood of extramarital sex and divorce – at least among men – and suggest that the odds of extramarital sex and divorce might also be elevated among female veterans,” said London.

It is tempting to blame military service for the increased risk of infidelity, assuming that prolonged deployments and the stresses of war put a strain on marriages, but researchers cautioned against jumping to such conclusions.

“We do not know from these data whether the extramarital sex occurred prior to, during, or after the conclusion of the respondent’s military service, and we do not know the military service status of spouses,” London noted.

Military service has a dramatic impact on all areas of life for military personnel and their families, including their sex lives. Rather than attempting to shame or blame military veterans who cheat, researchers hope that this research aids in the treatment of any underlying issues that contribute to infidelity. The people who serve our country need additional support to maintain the relationships that are critically important for their continued health and well-being.

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Infidelity and War

Article discusses the paper titled “Veteran Status, Marital Infidelity, and Divorce” and it draws on data from a 1992 survey which found that 32 percent of veterans who were ever married reported extramarital sex.

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Women Sext More than Men?

According to a new survey by the of Adulterers, they do. Women are more likely to send sexy messages and nude photos than men are.

Read the coverage on the NY Times.

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Pattern of Sexting, then Online Cybersex, then Real-World Affair is Likely, Say Researchers

Are a person’s sexting or sexually-charged online conversations actually a means to a real-world affair? Researchers from the University of Nebraska at Kearney have gathered research to support this theory, and their recent study findings are shedding new light on how the Internet may influence people’s sexual and relational behavior.

Published in the journal Sexuality & Culture, the study involved a survey of more than 5,100 people. Participants seemed to follow a pattern of behavior, in which sexting precluded cybersex, and ultimately led to a real-life relationship outside of an intimate one. Researchers summarized that when people get involved with sexting or online sexual relationships, this behavior seemed to predict that a cheating episode was likely to occur.

Females showed a significantly higher likelihood of getting involved in sexting – sending sexual messages and photos via a cell phone – with someone outside their relationship than did males. Sexting was also more frequent among women in their late twenties, as opposed to those older than age 30, according to a report from ARS Technica.

Of the participants in the survey who had been involved in online sexual relationships, about 75 percent said they had been unfaithful with a partner in the real world. However, in contrast to sexting rates, age wasn’t a significant factor in participants’ reports of having extramarital affairs or affairs outside of an intimate partner. Researchers speculated that the opposite might be true – a person’s tendency to be unfaithful seems to escalate with age.

The study is also prompting researchers to look at how increased use of the Internet for sexual purposes is still encouraging people to seek real-world partners, even when the relationship begins online.

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