The Female Love Avoidant

Hailey’s relationship with her mother was often tense, but for things to go smoothly, the 32-year-old had to do a lot of pretending. She still needed her mother, or believed she did, and so she had become a master at pretending. She had never confronted her mom about the incest, and had never asked questions about any of the other painful things her mom had allowed to happen to Hailey—though, of course, both women knew. (more…)

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Online Affairs Are Emotional Affairs

Online Affairs Are Emotional AffairsMany social network users may consider online flirting and chatting to be innocent, but some experts say that online flings can be just as damaging as a sexual dalliance. Just as with affairs conducted in person, online cheating can be a slippery slope.

In an article appearing in CBS Houston, psychotherapist Dr. Mary Jo Rapini argues that online cheating fits into the category known as an emotional affair. While some experts have distinguished online cheating from emotional cheating, Dr. Rapini says that it shares the same characteristics. (more…)

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Emotional Affairs Threaten Marriage

Emotional Affairs Threaten MarriageIn recent decades, there has been the birth of the “cyber affair,” the connection that occurs when a person engages in an intimate relationship over the internet or a mobile device. This may be conducted through social media, email, texting and phone calls, but it is generally defined by a lack of face-to-face contact. (more…)

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Before an Affair Becomes Physical It Starts with Emotions

Before an Affair Becomes Physical It Starts with EmotionsEmotional affair” may sound harmless, but it’s actually a precarious situation. Men and women can certainly be friends, but it’s important to know where to draw the line. Without clear demarcation it’s all too easy to slide from friendship to an emotional and sexual affair. (more…)

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The Emotional Affair: Is it Cheating?

The Emotional Affair: Is it Cheating?On the surface, it sounds like a compelling topic for a café conversation: can it be called cheating if there is no physical intimacy? The question gets at some of the most challenging issues for couples: after the teenage dreamy romance stage is over, to grow with someone into a rich and fully realized relationship means confronting this issue. And for some couples, doing so happens too late, after a boundary has been crossed and feelings are terribly – sometimes irrevocably – hurt.

For most, physical intimacy (including sexual intimacy) is a line in the sand not to be crossed. But what if there is no physical contact, yet all the other trappings of an affair are involved? Is that cheating? (more…)

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The Negative Effects of the Sexual Hookup

Remember the courting process? A young man would show up on the porch of the home of the young girl, asking her father if they could sit on the porch swing under his watchful eye. The dating scene differs greatly today, but a new trend is emerging that is cutting out tradition in favor of going straight to the physical. (more…)

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Think You Captured Romance Online? Maybe You Caught A Catfish Instead

Online romance happens all the time, and sometimes it ends in a storybook marriage. However, it’s just as likely to end in “catfish.” Before you convince yourself that you have met the person of your dreams or that your partner is going to leave you for someone online, you might want to consider “catfish.” (more…)

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Do You Have An Intimacy Disorder? Vixely Talks to Expert Robert Weiss (Part 2)

Following up from our last discussion on intimacy disorders with renowned expert Robert Weiss, we ask about the forces potentially impacting intimacy disorders today, including technology and a prevalent “hook-up culture” among Gen Y women and men. As Robert explains, technology has lifted many of the barriers to intimacy disorders, particularly for men, and that women are increasingly able to compartmentalize or forestall their intimate needs while they focus on other aspects of their life.

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Do You Have An Intimacy Disorder? Vixely Talks to Expert Robert Weiss

Intimacy disorders have been on the rise, particularly as a result of
technology and dating in the digital age. Vixely recently spoke with
Robert as part of a three-part series to learn more about intimacy
disorders, understand the symptoms in women versus men and to help women
form and maintain healthy relationships throughout their lives.

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Sex with Anonymous Partners May Reflect Addiction, Deep Intimacy Problems

A person’s repeated desire to have sex with someone they don’t know reflects more than risky behavior – it could reflect a long held sexual addiction, an addiction which is progressive in nature and requires professional help for recovery.

While it is often portrayed in ads or movies as raw passion, repeated acts of sex between two people who don’t even know each other may be a symptom of a serious and complex condition, especially when a person continues the behavior despite risks or maintains obsessive thought patterns about it. (more…)

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