If You Want To Stay With A Cheating Partner, You’ll Need Strong Self-Esteem

Discovering that your romantic partner has cheated on you can be a huge blow to your self-esteem. It can make you believe that you are no longer attractive, no longer interesting and no longer worth your partner’s time and attention. It can even make you believe that you have failed to be a good boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, and that your actions have driven your partner away. (more…)

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Is Infidelity In Our DNA?

We are taught that monogamy is natural and morally correct and that cheating or having multiple partners is wrong. Some people, including experts in psychology and evolutionary science, argue that monogamy isn’t natural, that it is a learned behavior. Are we pair-bonders? Or are we designed to stray? Among all mammal species, fewer than 10 percent form lifelong partner attachments. It may just be that straying from a partner is in our human DNA. Or is it? (more…)

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Is A Digital Relationship Ruining Your Marriage?

Falling prey to the lure of online flirting is easy to do. It’s like an escape. You get online and go to your favorite chat room or social networking site, maybe even trolling the pages of sites that are designed to set you up for an affair. You flirt with and are adored by men there and you get a confidence boost, a way to bring fantasy into your life and an escape from daily drudgeries. It’s all innocent, right? (more…)

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New Study Uncovers Truths About Jealousy In Men vs. Women

The largest study of its kind, with over 60,000 participants, shows that men and women get jealous over different types of infidelity. Heterosexual men feel more jealous, threatened and upset by a partner’s sexual affair than by an emotional one. The opposite is true for women. Such different responses were not seen in homosexual or bisexual men and women. Infidelity is upsetting on many levels, no matter what kind of betrayal is committed, but the discrepancies between men and women may be explainable through the lens of evolution. (more…)

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Study: Men And Women Respond Differently To Cheating

When you are in a committed relationship, you probably hope that your partner is fully devoted to you both sexually and emotionally. But if the unthinkable happens and your partner strays on some level, how devastated would you be?

A recent study by Chapman University reveals that there are differences in how men and women typically respond to feelings of jealousy or betrayal. These differences relate to how people react if their partner is sexually unfaithful without falling in love with the other person, as opposed to their partner having an emotional bond with someone else but remaining true to them sexually. (more…)

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Sex And The Internet: My Perfect Storm

The Internet is an amazing, powerful tool. It enables people from around the world to connect instantly. It allows vitally important information to be exchanged faster than at any time in human history. Medical records can be accessed and exchanged with a single keystroke. People in far-flung parts of the world can get educated—from the elementary level all the way through graduate school—simply by logging on and doing the work. Bills can be paid, shopping can be done and you can even order a taxi that will show up in less than 10 minutes, all thanks to the Internet.

For me, however, the instantaneous nature of the Internet became the gateway to something that I neither desired nor sought: sex addiction.


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A College Student’s Guide To Infidelity

No relationship is immune to the specter of infidelity. Even those that form in high school or college are vulnerable. Although you’re young, that doesn’t mean you don’t take your relationship commitments seriously. Cheating in a college relationship can be just as devastating as infidelity at any age. Still, students are a unique demographic with special considerations, and it is important to consider them.


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How Marriages Survive Infidelity

Cheating is one of the most hurtful things a partner can do in a relationship. To share physical, emotional or both types of connections with another person is a betrayal and one that is very difficult to come back from. Can marriages really survive infidelity? They can and they do. Many people assume cheating would be a deal-breaker until it actually happens. Getting past it isn’t easy, but if you love your spouse and see hope for a future, you can find your way back to a real and trusting relationship.

Here are the ways marriages can survive infidelity. (more…)

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How The Internet Was My Gateway To Sex Addiction

My experience with sex addiction is inextricably intertwined with the Internet. While it’s possible that I might have learned to act out in the same ways I learned to act out on the Internet even if the Internet never existed, I doubt it. Were it not for online chat rooms, webcam sites, social media sites and online dating sites, I truly believe that my underlying issues with sex, love and relationship addiction would have remained buried beneath the other addiction problems I’d been dealing with for more than two decades.


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Cheaters May Be Genetically Predisposed To Infidelity, Study Finds

Whoever coined the phrase “once a cheater, always a cheater” may not have known just how right she or he was. People who cheat once are likely to cheat again, but it may be far more than just a bad habit.

According to a new Australian study from the University of Queensland, certain people may have a genetic profile that makes them more likely to cheat on a romantic partner.


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