Research Shows Extramarital Sexting is Akin to Cheating

Research Shows Extramarital Sexting is Akin to CheatingAccording to law sexting is defined as “an act of sending sexually explicit material through the use of a mobile phone,” including messages, photos and videos. But is it cheating?

Studies have found that one in four teens admit to using their phones to sext. In a study conducted in 2011 individuals who sent and received sexts were more likely to engage in physical intimacy after initially just sending sexts.

Those who are caught sexting have reported feeling that sexting is not actually cheating because there’s no physical contact involved. But while sending pictures and explicit messages seems like it could be harmless, such behavior can prove to be dangerous for long-term relationships because of the breach of trust. (more…)

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Is Technology Crashing Your Relationship?

Is Technology Crashing Your Relationship?The astounding advances in technology that we have seen over the last couple of decades have improved our lives in so many ways. We have information at our fingertips thanks to the Internet, we can connect with others whenever we want and we can do these things almost anywhere we go. There are downsides to go along with these positives, though. With new technologies come changing behaviors and changing relationships. Becoming addicted to the Internet, social media, electronic devices and the always-available online pornography can have devastating consequences for how we relate to each other. (more…)

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Online Cheating: Comparing Responses to Male and Female Profiles

Online Cheating: Comparing Responses to Male and Female ProfilesOnline accessibility has made multi-tasking the default for many people that feel as if no activity could keep them from simultaneously accessing their tablet or phone. But those behaviors can erode relationships and reputations. A recent experiment tested the ease with which a person could engage in cheating behaviors with the help of the Internet.

Conducted by, a site dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction, the experiment sought to understand the nature of cheating online and how online cheaters are perceived by those using dating sites. (more…)

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Overcoming the Pain of Past Infidelity in a New Relationship

Overcoming the Pain of Past Infidelity in a New Relationship	You think you’re over it. The relationship or the marriage ended. You’ve taken some time to work on you, and you’re ready to get back into the game.

You now know the signs to look for – the common characteristics of people who cheat. You know better than to spend too much time with someone who isn’t “looking for anything too serious” or “likes to keep options open.” You’ve had that. Now you’re looking for someone who’s open to an honest relationship. (more…)

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Is It Cheating? The Sexes Often Disagree

Is It Cheating? The Sexes Often DisagreeAlthough the percentage of women who cheat on their partners has grown in recent years, men are still more likely to cheat overall. Differences in the way that men and women define infidelity partly explain why men and women cheat at different rates.

The most recent information from the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy suggests that approximately 25 percent of married men have had sex with someone who isn’t their spouse, compared to about 15 percent of women. Results from the General Society Survey reveal that men also tend to have more liberal definitions of what constitutes cheating. Many smaller sample surveys over the years have found similar differences in attitude. (more…)

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Defining a Sexual Addiction

Defining a Sexual AddictionThe headlines surrounding sexual addiction often point to debilitating conditions that leave an individual out of control. Others may suggest the label serves as nothing more than an excuse for inappropriate behavior. It may just be up to the mental health industry to determine the difference. (more…)

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Cyber Relationships Can Damage Marriage

Cyber Relationships Can Damage MarriageInternet accessibility creates efficiency, convenience and entertainment for consumers. But for many, constant access dooms relationships. Uninterrupted social media, texting, online gaming and streamable movies and music can lead a person to become more engaged with virtual worlds than with the people around them.

A Huffington Post article discussed the fallout at family law courts that are seeing increased references to Internet addiction, cybersex, sexting and other marriage-damaging activities.

Relatively innocent online games like Candy Crush, FarmVille and World of Warcraft have resulted in some married individuals ignoring their responsibilities, causing spouses to count the hours that the game is dominating family life and resenting the effects. (more…)

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Are Extra-Marital Affairs Really Worth It?

Are Extra-Marital Affairs Really Worth It?Relationship problems come in many forms, but one of the most ubiquitous is in the form of infidelity. An affair is a fling – sexual or emotional – with any person outside of the marriage, and we regularly hear statistics like “half of all people in a relationship have cheated” that make it seem like the problem is everywhere. However, according to research, there is infidelity in only up to 25 percent of committed relationships, but it’s much less likely to have happened in the previous year. The figure is still pretty high, and it raises many questions about the nature of human sexuality, and whether it’s really worth risking a long-term relationship by engaging in an affair.

Are Humans Supposed to Be Monogamous?

The question that’s really at the heart of this issue is whether monogamy is something we’re supposed to do as a species or whether it’s merely a sociological invention. Some psychologists like Dr. Himanshu Saxena argue that men are, by nature, polygamous, like more than 95 percent of other mammals. However, there is an important distinction to be drawn between social monogamy and sexual monogamy. Sexually monogamous animals have sex with only one partner (geese, for example, don’t mate with another partner even if their chosen one dies), whereas social monogamy only requires a bond (to raise offspring), with sexual flings still being acceptable. Under this definition, a man or woman who has an affair but returns home to fulfill familial duties is still monogamous, but only socially. (more…)

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Emotional Shock of Affair Can Trigger Illness

Emotional Shock of Affair Can Trigger IllnessMost people would agree that being cheated on is a miserable experience. It can make anyone feel awful, but can it actually make a person ill?

Research over the past couple of decades has provided evidence that suggests infidelity can, in fact, lead to illness. This research suggests that infidelity can be a factor in the development of mental illness and can also have consequences for a person’s physical health. (more…)

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The Emotional Affair: Is it Cheating?

The Emotional Affair: Is it Cheating?On the surface, it sounds like a compelling topic for a café conversation: can it be called cheating if there is no physical intimacy? The question gets at some of the most challenging issues for couples: after the teenage dreamy romance stage is over, to grow with someone into a rich and fully realized relationship means confronting this issue. And for some couples, doing so happens too late, after a boundary has been crossed and feelings are terribly – sometimes irrevocably – hurt.

For most, physical intimacy (including sexual intimacy) is a line in the sand not to be crossed. But what if there is no physical contact, yet all the other trappings of an affair are involved? Is that cheating? (more…)

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