Study Connects Twitter Use to Infidelity, Divorce

Study Connects Twitter Use to Infidelity, Divorce  A new study from the University of Missouri has found that Twitter users are more likely to experience Twitter-related conflict in their romantic relationships, and this conflict is more likely to lead to unfaithful behavior, break-ups and divorce.

Russell Clayton, a doctoral student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, conducted the study. Clayton surveyed 581 Twitter users between the ages of 18 and 67. The survey included various questions to help the research team determine how active each participant was on Twitter – such as how often they signed on to the site, how frequently they tweeted, how much time they spent scrolling through their Twitter feed and how often they sent messages to other users. (more…)

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Emotional Cheating: When a Friendship Becomes Something More

Emotional Cheating: When a Friendship Becomes Something More Emotional cheating is a widely debated topic. Many feel that since it is platonic and does not involve physical cheating that it doesn’t count as breaking the vows of marriage. However, others believe that when you are seeking emotional support and connection with someone other than your spouse it’s just as detrimental to a marriage as a sexual relationship. If someone is on the fence about whether or not they are cheating on the spouse, here are some questions they should ask themselves. (more…)

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Avoiding the Slippery Slope of Online Cheating

Avoiding the Slippery Slope of Online CheatingIt’s the era of online cheating. Instant messages fly without pens or stamps, and with the ease of illicit communication some individuals are suspicious that their partner is romancing someone else online. It’s not difficult for individuals to create multiple Facebook, e-mail and other online accounts, with accompanying fictional identities. (more…)

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Before an Affair Becomes Physical It Starts with Emotions

Before an Affair Becomes Physical It Starts with EmotionsEmotional affair” may sound harmless, but it’s actually a precarious situation. Men and women can certainly be friends, but it’s important to know where to draw the line. Without clear demarcation it’s all too easy to slide from friendship to an emotional and sexual affair. (more…)

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Social Networking Extends Cheating Opportunities

Social Networking Extends Cheating OpportunitiesSocial networking sites like Facebook make it easy for users to make plans, spread the word about a social gathering, catch up with an old acquaintance or even find a plumber or cooking tip. However, when it comes to infidelity, social media might be making connections too easy.

Some may not categorize behaviors like sexting, in which a suggestive text or nude photo is sent over a mobile device, as a traditional form of cheating. Flirting over Twitter is not the same as having contact. But a spouse may not agree. (more…)

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Handling Fallout from Digital Dishonesty

Handling Fallout from Digital DishonestyAccording to Reuters, there are more than 54 million single people in the U.S. today, and more than 41 million of them have tried online dating. Twenty percent of current committed relationships began online, and the number appears to be growing. It’s no secret that social media is the matchmaker of the future. This strange new world brings with it all sorts of invisible hazards: Are the people you chat with online who they say they are? How at risk are you if you’ve ever sent sexy photos at someone’s request? When you start seeing someone new, when is the appropriate time to turn off your dating profile? Dating rules appear to be different in the digital age, and some folks appear to be taking advantage of the temporary ambiguities. (more…)

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Research Shows Extramarital Sexting is Akin to Cheating

Research Shows Extramarital Sexting is Akin to CheatingAccording to law sexting is defined as “an act of sending sexually explicit material through the use of a mobile phone,” including messages, photos and videos. But is it cheating?

Studies have found that one in four teens admit to using their phones to sext. In a study conducted in 2011 individuals who sent and received sexts were more likely to engage in physical intimacy after initially just sending sexts.

Those who are caught sexting have reported feeling that sexting is not actually cheating because there’s no physical contact involved. But while sending pictures and explicit messages seems like it could be harmless, such behavior can prove to be dangerous for long-term relationships because of the breach of trust. (more…)

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Is Technology Crashing Your Relationship?

Is Technology Crashing Your Relationship?The astounding advances in technology that we have seen over the last couple of decades have improved our lives in so many ways. We have information at our fingertips thanks to the Internet, we can connect with others whenever we want and we can do these things almost anywhere we go. There are downsides to go along with these positives, though. With new technologies come changing behaviors and changing relationships. Becoming addicted to the Internet, social media, electronic devices and the always-available online pornography can have devastating consequences for how we relate to each other. (more…)

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Online Cheating: Comparing Responses to Male and Female Profiles

Online Cheating: Comparing Responses to Male and Female ProfilesOnline accessibility has made multi-tasking the default for many people that feel as if no activity could keep them from simultaneously accessing their tablet or phone. But those behaviors can erode relationships and reputations. A recent experiment tested the ease with which a person could engage in cheating behaviors with the help of the Internet.

Conducted by, a site dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction, the experiment sought to understand the nature of cheating online and how online cheaters are perceived by those using dating sites. (more…)

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Overcoming the Pain of Past Infidelity in a New Relationship

Overcoming the Pain of Past Infidelity in a New Relationship	You think you’re over it. The relationship or the marriage ended. You’ve taken some time to work on you, and you’re ready to get back into the game.

You now know the signs to look for – the common characteristics of people who cheat. You know better than to spend too much time with someone who isn’t “looking for anything too serious” or “likes to keep options open.” You’ve had that. Now you’re looking for someone who’s open to an honest relationship. (more…)

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