When Internet Love Goes Bad, Revenge Porn Can Go Viral

When Internet Love Goes Bad, Revenge Porn Can Go ViralNice girls don’t send out naked pictures of themselves.

What did you think would happen? It’s your own fault.

How could you have been so stupid?

That’s the kind of thing victims of revenge pornography hear when they complain after their exes post private sexual images of them all over the internet. “Revenge porn” occurs when ex-lovers, nearly always men, and nearly always with the intention of humiliating and inflicting pain on their former sexual partners. (more…)

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Real Life Dr. Jekylls and Online Mr. Hydes – Does the Internet Turn Us Into Split Personalities?

Real Life Dr. Jekylls and Online Mr.  Hydes - Does the Internet Turn Us Into Split  Personalities?Dr. Elias Aboujaoude has a problem with the Internet.

As a practicing psychiatrist, he has treated many people whose lives have been ruined by their Internet activities, whether it’s compulsive shopping for things they cannot afford, sending out aggressive e-mails they regret, or hooking up in unprotected sex with people they only met for the first time.

Dr. Aboujaoude does not blame his patients, but he does blame the Internet.

He believes the nature of the Internet itself creates these problems because the technology offers anonymity and constant access.  The more we use the Internet, the more we keep presenting ourselves on websites such as Facebook and Myspace, and the more we participate in chat rooms and forums, the more likely it is that a unique “e-personality” will emerge, according to Dr. Aboujaoude, and this alter ego is probably much wilder than we are in real life. (more…)

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Your Husband’s Cheating on You! Or So It Says All Over the Internet

On Valentine’s day 2013 a new website was launched called Cheaterville. The creators of Cheaterville wanted to provide an outlet for people who have sexual affairs with people they thought were single. Once they find out that the person was in a committed relationship or married, they can post details of the affairs and even pictures as a way to inform the partners or anyone else who might become involved with this person that he or she is a cheater. All the posts on Cheaterville are anonymous, and the website allows you to plug in any name to check on someone’s cheating history.

The motto of the website is “Don’t be the last to know.” (more…)

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The Strange Case of the Nightclub Owner and His Two Lovers

What happened at the Nightclub

Dave Barmy was the owner of a popular night spot called the Holodeck.  Laura Skye, a lovely woman who dressed in sexy cowboy outfits, worked there as a disc jockey. Laura and Dave fell madly in love, and as one thing led to another, they began to plan their wedding. Then one night Laura was horrified when she caught Dave making love to a prostitute.

“I went mad,” she said. “I was so hurt. I couldn’t believe what he had done.” (more…)

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Text Is the New Sex

Text Is the New SexRussell Brand broke up his marriage to Katy Perry by sending her a text, and – believe it or not – that was probably okay with most people. In a recent survey of 1500 Americans ages 20 to 50 years old by USA Today, 59% said they too would end a relationship via text.

“It removes the unpleasant confrontation,” as Naomi Barton, a professor of linguistics at American University put it. “It’s just easier.” (more…)

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Are Feminists Protecting Women in Sexting Scandals? What’s Really Fair?

Are Feminists Protecting Women in Sexting Scandals? What’s Really Fair?Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner’s 23 year-old sexting partner, recently cashed in on her fame by starring in a porno film of herself masturbating.  It sells for $4.95.  Another one of her enterprises is writing an obscene article about how to seduce a politician.  She advises women who want to be like her to “indulge his crazy alter ego, and whatever you do, don’t laugh at him.”

Leathers is not embarrassed about the scandal that caused the former Congressman so much grief in his latest political run as a candidate for Mayor of New York.

“For me, Anthony Weiner was a big weird science experiment,” she says.  “I wanted to see how far it could go.  How far could I push it?”

And despite her advice not to laugh at your victim, she does find him funny. (more…)

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New High-Tech Sex Toys Let You Reach Out and Touch by Remote Control

New High-Tech Sex Toys Let You Reach Out and Touch by Remote ControlWhen someone cheats on a partner with an Internet relationship, one of the usual defenses is “We never even touched each other.” If there is nothing physical going on, the argument goes, then I did not really cheat on you.

However, certain new high-tech sex toys now make it possible for two people to simulate sex – with all its physical feelings and emotions – by using remote controlled devices and the Internet. These toys use the science of haptic technology – with haptic technology defined as the place where technology and touch intersect. For example, if you use a fake gun when you play a video game and the gun vibrates and shakes whenever you shoot it, you are using haptic technology. (more…)

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Why Anthony Weiner’s Stint in Rehab Did Not Work For Him

Why Anthony Weiner’s Stint in Rehab Did Not Work For HimIf Anthony Weiner went through rehab in 2011, why didn’t rehab help him stop his compulsion to sext women he had never met in person?

The answer may be that he never went through rehab for sexual addiction or anything else.

Anthony Weiner’s problems began on May 27, 2011.  He had been serving in the U.S. Congress as a Democratic representative from New York since 1998 when pictures of his crotch surfaced on a right wing website. More than one woman came forward to report he sent them similar pictures along with lewd text messages as well.

Anthony Weiner denied the charges, claiming enemies had hacked into his website and “manufactured” the pictures. (more…)

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Expert on Online Love Says There’s No Such Thing

Professor Aaron Ben-ze’ wrote the book on online love. Yet if you ask him about it, he’d probably tell you it does not exist.

A professor at the University of Haifa, Dr. Ben-ze’ believes that two parts are necessary for genuine romantic love – physical attraction and “praiseworthiness.”  While online lovers always find their partners extremely praiseworthy and idealize them as their perfect matches, they have no idea if they have the other necessary element of love – physical chemistry. They usually imagine one another as more attractive than they are, yet often put off sending each other pictures. In his book Online Love, Dr. Ben’ze’describes how they frequently say things like “I love him no matter how he looks,” sidestepping the fact that in real life, people fall in love with what they see. (more…)

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Psychiatrists Still Can’t Decide If Sexual Addiction Is a Mental Disease

Psychiatrists Still Can’t Decide If Sexual Addiction Is a Mental DiseaseTiger Woods, Anthony Wiener, Charlie Sheen, David Duchovny, Michael Douglas, Russell Brand and many other people have all undergone intense treatment for sexual addictions. Yet the American Psychiatric Association does not recognize the condition as a mental disorder.

This year the APA came out with its new version of its “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,” the so-called Bible that all doctors use when they diagnose and treat mental illness. One big question people were asking about the new 2013 DSM-V was whether “sexual addiction” would be added as a mental disorder. As it turned out, the editors decided to sidestep the issue by saying it needs more research.  The decision has implications not just for doctors, but for all Americans. (more…)

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