Men and Women See Cheating Differently

Men and Women See Cheating DifferentlyTo cheat on a spouse or partner can have devastating consequences. It may mean the end of the relationship. How we define cheating, however, varies from person to person, and as researchers have found out, also between men and women. At one time, cheating was considered to be a physical act. Today we have other ways to commit infidelity, including emotional attachments to another person. Which is worse? Emotional infidelity or sex without any emotional attachment? (more…)

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Is Cybersex Grounds for Divorce?

Is Cybersex Grounds for Divorce?Around half of all marriages in the United Stated end in divorce, and some reports estimate that the growing phenomenon of cyber infidelity now plays a role in nearly one-third of divorce cases. But does cybersex have official legal standing, and can it be used as grounds for divorce?

Currently, it depends in whom you ask. The courts in Canada, for example, have ruled that cyber-infidelity, if it is entirely virtual and does not include real life sexual encounters, does not meet the legal definition of adultery and cannot be used as grounds for an immediate divorce. Canadians who want to divorce a partner who has had a virtual affair need to live apart from their partner for one year before they will be granted a legal divorce. (more…)

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Online Affairs Are Emotional Affairs

Online Affairs Are Emotional AffairsMany social network users may consider online flirting and chatting to be innocent, but some experts say that online flings can be just as damaging as a sexual dalliance. Just as with affairs conducted in person, online cheating can be a slippery slope.

In an article appearing in CBS Houston, psychotherapist Dr. Mary Jo Rapini argues that online cheating fits into the category known as an emotional affair. While some experts have distinguished online cheating from emotional cheating, Dr. Rapini says that it shares the same characteristics. (more…)

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Online Cheating: A Slippery Slope

 Online Cheating: A Slippery SlopeThe Internet has become a convenient and popular way to connect with others. Whether communicating through social media or connecting in a comment thread, online conversations are, in some ways, replacing face-to-face communication. Likewise, the use of cell phones has expanded to frequent texting, now widely used to have a conversation.

An article posted in ACPI CAIT asks the question: when does connecting online with another person become cheating? Even if there is not physical contact, is it cheating to send someone a flirty text message? What about having a private joke with someone on social media? (more…)

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Preventing Cyber Cheating

Preventing Cyber CheatingThe Internet has changed how we shop, plan vacations and converse. There is convenience experienced at every turn, with a full library of information accessible from mobile devices. Connecting with friends is easier than it’s ever been, as long as “connecting” is defined as exchanging text messages and viewing Snapchat.

The Internet is also changing how individuals get into extra-marital relationships. In a new realm in which cheating is possible without ever making physical contact, many cyber-cheaters are wrecking a marriage for the excitement of a flirtatious text string. (more…)

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The Cheater’s Voice

The Cheater's VoiceTelephones are used for everything from looking up a full library’s worth of information to hearing turn-by-turn directions to a new friend’s house. Text messaging allows for non-stop access to conversations and the convenient sharing of photos.

Telephones can also be used for not-so-innocent activities, such as bullying a classmate or sending nude or near-nude photos to a friend. They can also provide an easy to way to keep in touch with an extra-marital affair when a spouse is not within earshot. (more…)

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What Type of Cheating Is Worse? Men, Women Disagree

What Type of Cheating Is Worse? Men, Women DisagreeThe widespread use of mobile devices and laptop computers, along with the popularity of social networking for forming new connections, have led to new opportunities for social relationships. Individuals can find high school sweethearts and start up a conversation within minutes, whereas a decade ago such a connection may have required a lengthy search or attendance at a reunion. (more…)

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Rebuilding a Relationship After an Affair

Rebuilding a Relationship After an AffairAn affair can tear a committed relationship apart. The betrayal can lead the wronged spouse to spend time mentally going over every event in the past, wondering how the affair works into the life they thought they were living. Even if the partners are able to reconcile, they may have to work hard to rebuild trust.

Deciding whether to leave the relationship or to work it out is a choice every couple must muddle through. The difficulties inherent in both breaking up or sticking it out leave the couple with a murky set of pros and cons. (more…)

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Emotional Affairs Threaten Marriage

Emotional Affairs Threaten MarriageIn recent decades, there has been the birth of the “cyber affair,” the connection that occurs when a person engages in an intimate relationship over the internet or a mobile device. This may be conducted through social media, email, texting and phone calls, but it is generally defined by a lack of face-to-face contact. (more…)

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Secret Social Media Accounts Offer Easy Venues for Illicit Relationships

Secret Social Media Accounts Offer Easy Venues for Illicit RelationshipsSocial media has made communication easier and faster than ever, but it’s also led to more relationship troubles. A survey reveals that one-third of cheaters have used secret social media accounts for illicit relationships.

Of those surveyed, 67 percent used a fake Facebook account to carry on their affair. Half of the group used a fake e-mail or Twitter account.

For people who are at risk of sex addiction or infidelity, social media has become a huge temptation. Hiding behind a computer screen, they feel that their relationship is secret to everyone but themselves and their lover. This false secrecy has put their current relationship in jeopardy and placed them in a fictitious world where they can escape all things undesirable. Through rehabilitation professionals, people who are addicted to this relationship-damaging behavior can find some help. (more…)

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