Is Flirting A Sign Of Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction can be devastating to relationships. When one partner becomes obsessed with the act of sex, it can lead to cheating and affairs, compulsive use of pornography and other unhealthy behaviors. If you are concerned that your partner may have an issue with sex, you should seek professional help. If the reason you’re worried is because your partner is flirting a lot, you may or may not have a valid reason to be concerned. (more…)

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The Jian Ghomeshi Sex Scandal: An Abuse Of Power

By Virginia Gilbert, MFT

What’s disturbing about Jian Ghomeshi, host of the popular Canadian show Q who was recently fired during a storm of sexual assault allegations, isn’t that he liked kinky sex. What’s disturbing is that he justified his abuse of women by attributing his egregious behavior to consensual BDSM practices.

Each of the eight women who’ve come forward with details of their relationships with Ghomeshi (more…)

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Sex Addicts As Codependents?

Stop right there, you might be thinking. Aren’t sex addicts like narcissists—the ones who always manage to get involved with codependents? Surely they aren’t codependent themselves. How could a sex addict be codependent (more…)

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New Survey Investigates Porn Addiction And Its Impact On Marriage

Addiction to pornography is a serious issue, particularly with the widespread availability of explicit material via the Internet, and a new survey commissioned by Proven Men Ministries reveals some interesting findings about how common pornography use may be and the potential for (more…)

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Advice For Women Who Love Sex Addicts

Let’s be honest. When you love an addict, life can be pretty hard. When you love a sex addict, life may be exponentially hard. Your mother and your friends may tell you to dump him, and nobody seems to understand. You’ve been lied to, your heart is broken and you worry that you’ll never be able to trust again. You feel a little like Karen in “Californication.” You love this man and he loves you; the problem is that he doesn’t know how. (more…)

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Confess Infidelity To Save Your Marriage?

When you commit a marital infraction, you are betraying the trust of your spouse and breaking the vows you made at your wedding ceremony. It’s a big deal, and it means that you are faced with a choice: to tell or to keep it a secret. There are convincing arguments to be made for each choice, which depend upon your (more…)

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Keeping Up With The Sex And Love Lexicon – “Sexicon”

The information age has brought rapid and drastic change to, well, just about everything. Some of the most dizzying changes have occurred with language, as new terms appear and spread with astonishing speed. The world of interpersonal relationships has also evolved quickly, as the Internet has spawned entirely new ways to socialize, meet people, and even conduct illicit affairs. And, of course, the effects of the digital age on love and language together have created (more…)

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Men and Women See Cheating Differently

Men and Women See Cheating DifferentlyTo cheat on a spouse or partner can have devastating consequences. It may mean the end of the relationship. How we define cheating, however, varies from person to person, and as researchers have found out, also between men and women. At one time, cheating was considered to be a physical act. Today we have other ways to commit infidelity, including emotional attachments to another person. Which is worse? Emotional infidelity or sex without any emotional attachment? (more…)

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Is Cybersex Grounds for Divorce?

Is Cybersex Grounds for Divorce?Around half of all marriages in the United Stated end in divorce, and some reports estimate that the growing phenomenon of cyber infidelity now plays a role in nearly one-third of divorce cases. But does cybersex have official legal standing, and can it be used as grounds for divorce?

Currently, it depends in whom you ask. The courts in Canada, for example, have ruled that cyber-infidelity, if it is entirely virtual and does not include real life sexual encounters, does not meet the legal definition of adultery and cannot be used as grounds for an immediate divorce. Canadians who want to divorce a partner who has had a virtual affair need to live apart from their partner for one year before they will be granted a legal divorce. (more…)

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Online Affairs Are Emotional Affairs

Online Affairs Are Emotional AffairsMany social network users may consider online flirting and chatting to be innocent, but some experts say that online flings can be just as damaging as a sexual dalliance. Just as with affairs conducted in person, online cheating can be a slippery slope.

In an article appearing in CBS Houston, psychotherapist Dr. Mary Jo Rapini argues that online cheating fits into the category known as an emotional affair. While some experts have distinguished online cheating from emotional cheating, Dr. Rapini says that it shares the same characteristics. (more…)

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