Millions in Work Productivity Lost Due to Online Cheating

Millions in Work Productivity Lost Due to Online Cheating Adultery can damage marriages and friendships, as well as being destructive to children’s psyches. Another less obvious cost are the employee work hours spent looking for something on the side when they should be working.

A Swedish-based online cheating site surveyed its users, estimating that employees were costing their businesses over $17 million in unproductive wages. The site offers users a way to have discreet extramarital affairs and it appears that business is booming. (more…)

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Digital Technology, Reality, and Relationships

Digital Technology, Reality, and RelationshipsWith all of the incredible recent advances in digital technology, the line between fantasy and reality has grown somewhat blurry. For instance, when we see a model on the cover of a magazine, it’ a safe bet she’s not as perfect in real life as she appears in print. With reality TV, it’s an equally safe bet that the drama unfolding onscreen is not nearly as unscripted as the producers would like us to believe. Etc. These days our music (digitally enhanced voices, lip-synching performances), our visual entertainment (reality TV, cinematic special effects), our sports heroes (steroid-driven performances), and even our love lives are routinely enhanced through various technologies.

Our love lives, too? Yes indeed. (more…)

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Finding a Lost Lover on the Internet: Easy to do, but Dangerous if You’re Married

Finding a Lost Lover on the Internet: Easy to do, but Dangerous if You're MarriedWhen Romeo meets his Juliet, he tells her that this is the moment he first begins to live. And indeed, Romeo is right. There is something magical and life-changing about first love, especially if you were a teenager or in your early 20s when it happened. Most people never forget it, and many adults wonder from time to time what happened to the person who once transformed their life.

Dr. Aaron Ben Zeev, an expert on Internet relationships, said that people want to find their first loves because they idealize the past and are longing for circumstances that no longer exist. They are also just curious. They are hopeful that if they find that person, the outcome will be better than the first time around. Instead of breaking up, true love will last a lifetime.


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Nine Highly Effective Ways to Catch Your Partner Cheating Online

Nine Highly Effective Ways to Catch Your Partner Cheating OnlineThe most effective way to catch a partner online is to hire a professional detective service to do it.  These specialists have state-of-the-art equipment that can hack into any computer, and it usually takes them only a few days to gather indisputable evidence of Internet cheating.

That said, the following do-it-yourself techniques have worked for many people who suspect their partners are cheating on them online. (more…)

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Real Life Dr. Jekylls and Online Mr. Hydes – Does the Internet Turn Us Into Split Personalities?

Real Life Dr. Jekylls and Online Mr.  Hydes - Does the Internet Turn Us Into Split  Personalities?Dr. Elias Aboujaoude has a problem with the Internet.

As a practicing psychiatrist, he has treated many people whose lives have been ruined by their Internet activities, whether it’s compulsive shopping for things they cannot afford, sending out aggressive e-mails they regret, or hooking up in unprotected sex with people they only met for the first time.

Dr. Aboujaoude does not blame his patients, but he does blame the Internet.

He believes the nature of the Internet itself creates these problems because the technology offers anonymity and constant access.  The more we use the Internet, the more we keep presenting ourselves on websites such as Facebook and Myspace, and the more we participate in chat rooms and forums, the more likely it is that a unique “e-personality” will emerge, according to Dr. Aboujaoude, and this alter ego is probably much wilder than we are in real life. (more…)

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Your Husband’s Cheating on You! Or So It Says All Over the Internet

On Valentine’s day 2013 a new website was launched called Cheaterville. The creators of Cheaterville wanted to provide an outlet for people who have sexual affairs with people they thought were single. Once they find out that the person was in a committed relationship or married, they can post details of the affairs and even pictures as a way to inform the partners or anyone else who might become involved with this person that he or she is a cheater. All the posts on Cheaterville are anonymous, and the website allows you to plug in any name to check on someone’s cheating history.

The motto of the website is “Don’t be the last to know.” (more…)

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The Strange Case of the Nightclub Owner and His Two Lovers

What happened at the Nightclub

Dave Barmy was the owner of a popular night spot called the Holodeck.  Laura Skye, a lovely woman who dressed in sexy cowboy outfits, worked there as a disc jockey. Laura and Dave fell madly in love, and as one thing led to another, they began to plan their wedding. Then one night Laura was horrified when she caught Dave making love to a prostitute.

“I went mad,” she said. “I was so hurt. I couldn’t believe what he had done.” (more…)

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When He Looks At Internet Porn, Is He Cheating On You?

caught-pornThe majority of men in United States tell researchers that they look at pornography. The usual figure cited is about 70% of men say they have viewed it. Among young men under 25, the percentage goes up as high as 75% – with half using it at least once a week.

The percentage of women who enjoy porn is just the opposite – 70% have never seen it, and only three percent view it once a week.

Because of male demand, porn on the Internet is big business. About four percent of the top million websites is pornography, and the most popular websites get over 30 million visitors a month. People can search for exactly what they want to see – such as Asian women with black men, bondage, and so forth. (more…)

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The Case for Sex Addiction

On his 60th birthday, Luke underwent surgery for prostate cancer that left him impotent. While he joked about the reality to friends and family, his devastation was apparent to those closest to him. Luke – given up for adoption at the age of 9 and living in a boy’s home until the age of 17 – believes he may have placed more value on his sexual ability and in his sexual relationships than was healthy. In his own words, he “…used sex as a way to feel powerful and important to women.” Given Luke’s early history of abandonment by his mother, the degree to which he placed importance on sexuality and sexual relationships – a different but powerful connection – is not hard to connect. (more…)

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How Can You Tell If He’s Cheating On You?

How Can You Tell If He's Cheating On You? It’s not how you think.

For example, you may think that if your partner suddenly becomes more sexual with you, it means he’s taken a new interest in your love life.  However, private detectives and marriage counselors can tell you that the opposite can be true.  Although less sex typically means he’s with someone else, a sudden surge in sex with you can mean the same thing.

Has he started to buy you unexpected gifts or told you to treat yourself more often?  These can be “guilt gifts.”

If he is always talking about some female “friend” - believe it or not – that can be a sign of cheating.  Men who cheat actually appreciate their wives’ opinions about the new person. (more…)

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