Is A Digital Relationship Ruining Your Marriage?

Falling prey to the lure of online flirting is easy to do. It’s like an escape. You get online and go to your favorite chat room or social networking site, maybe even trolling the pages of sites that are designed to set you up for an affair. You flirt with and are adored by men there and you get a confidence boost, a way to bring fantasy into your life and an escape from daily drudgeries. It’s all innocent, right? (more…)

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Is Cybersex Grounds for Divorce?

Is Cybersex Grounds for Divorce?Around half of all marriages in the United Stated end in divorce, and some reports estimate that the growing phenomenon of cyber infidelity now plays a role in nearly one-third of divorce cases. But does cybersex have official legal standing, and can it be used as grounds for divorce?

Currently, it depends in whom you ask. The courts in Canada, for example, have ruled that cyber-infidelity, if it is entirely virtual and does not include real life sexual encounters, does not meet the legal definition of adultery and cannot be used as grounds for an immediate divorce. Canadians who want to divorce a partner who has had a virtual affair need to live apart from their partner for one year before they will be granted a legal divorce. (more…)

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Preventing Cyber Cheating

Preventing Cyber CheatingThe Internet has changed how we shop, plan vacations and converse. There is convenience experienced at every turn, with a full library of information accessible from mobile devices. Connecting with friends is easier than it’s ever been, as long as “connecting” is defined as exchanging text messages and viewing Snapchat.

The Internet is also changing how individuals get into extra-marital relationships. In a new realm in which cheating is possible without ever making physical contact, many cyber-cheaters are wrecking a marriage for the excitement of a flirtatious text string. (more…)

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Avoiding the Slippery Slope of Online Cheating

Avoiding the Slippery Slope of Online CheatingIt’s the era of online cheating. Instant messages fly without pens or stamps, and with the ease of illicit communication some individuals are suspicious that their partner is romancing someone else online. It’s not difficult for individuals to create multiple Facebook, e-mail and other online accounts, with accompanying fictional identities. (more…)

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Social Networking Extends Cheating Opportunities

Social Networking Extends Cheating OpportunitiesSocial networking sites like Facebook make it easy for users to make plans, spread the word about a social gathering, catch up with an old acquaintance or even find a plumber or cooking tip. However, when it comes to infidelity, social media might be making connections too easy.

Some may not categorize behaviors like sexting, in which a suggestive text or nude photo is sent over a mobile device, as a traditional form of cheating. Flirting over Twitter is not the same as having contact. But a spouse may not agree. (more…)

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Online Cheating: Comparing Responses to Male and Female Profiles

Online Cheating: Comparing Responses to Male and Female ProfilesOnline accessibility has made multi-tasking the default for many people that feel as if no activity could keep them from simultaneously accessing their tablet or phone. But those behaviors can erode relationships and reputations. A recent experiment tested the ease with which a person could engage in cheating behaviors with the help of the Internet.

Conducted by, a site dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction, the experiment sought to understand the nature of cheating online and how online cheaters are perceived by those using dating sites. (more…)

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Cyber Relationships Can Damage Marriage

Cyber Relationships Can Damage MarriageInternet accessibility creates efficiency, convenience and entertainment for consumers. But for many, constant access dooms relationships. Uninterrupted social media, texting, online gaming and streamable movies and music can lead a person to become more engaged with virtual worlds than with the people around them.

A Huffington Post article discussed the fallout at family law courts that are seeing increased references to Internet addiction, cybersex, sexting and other marriage-damaging activities.

Relatively innocent online games like Candy Crush, FarmVille and World of Warcraft have resulted in some married individuals ignoring their responsibilities, causing spouses to count the hours that the game is dominating family life and resenting the effects. (more…)

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Millions in Work Productivity Lost Due to Online Cheating

Millions in Work Productivity Lost Due to Online Cheating Adultery can damage marriages and friendships, as well as being destructive to children’s psyches. Another less obvious cost are the employee work hours spent looking for something on the side when they should be working.

A Swedish-based online cheating site surveyed its users, estimating that employees were costing their businesses over $17 million in unproductive wages. The site offers users a way to have discreet extramarital affairs and it appears that business is booming. (more…)

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Digital Technology, Reality, and Relationships

Digital Technology, Reality, and RelationshipsWith all of the incredible recent advances in digital technology, the line between fantasy and reality has grown somewhat blurry. For instance, when we see a model on the cover of a magazine, it’ a safe bet she’s not as perfect in real life as she appears in print. With reality TV, it’s an equally safe bet that the drama unfolding onscreen is not nearly as unscripted as the producers would like us to believe. Etc. These days our music (digitally enhanced voices, lip-synching performances), our visual entertainment (reality TV, cinematic special effects), our sports heroes (steroid-driven performances), and even our love lives are routinely enhanced through various technologies.

Our love lives, too? Yes indeed. (more…)

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Finding a Lost Lover on the Internet: Easy to do, but Dangerous if You’re Married

Finding a Lost Lover on the Internet: Easy to do, but Dangerous if You're MarriedWhen Romeo meets his Juliet, he tells her that this is the moment he first begins to live. And indeed, Romeo is right. There is something magical and life-changing about first love, especially if you were a teenager or in your early 20s when it happened. Most people never forget it, and many adults wonder from time to time what happened to the person who once transformed their life.

Dr. Aaron Ben Zeev, an expert on Internet relationships, said that people want to find their first loves because they idealize the past and are longing for circumstances that no longer exist. They are also just curious. They are hopeful that if they find that person, the outcome will be better than the first time around. Instead of breaking up, true love will last a lifetime.


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