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Online Sex Ineffective Substitute for True Intimacy, Says Article

Online sex, pornography addiction, or sexting – experts say the situation is becoming more and more common in American homes. More spouses are logging in to sexual sites on the Internet or sexual chat rooms, unknown to their partner and family members until months or years later. For millions, the behavior can quickly become addictive, taking hold of their thoughts and actions until it destroys the family, their job and their relationships.

A recent article from the Los Angeles Examiner addresses husbands in particular who may be logging on to sexual sites online after the family is asleep, or using secret passwords and identities for cybersex. The article notes that men of all walks of life are involved, regardless of their career, income or education levels. While many husbands will deny that they are involved in pornography online, the issue also turns to fidelity. Some men view Internet-related sex or pornography as cheating; others don’t.

This article, and others, continues to address whether or not the Internet has increased the likelihood of marital infidelity – or if the factors related to infidelity are already there, aside from increasing availability of sexual sites online. Recent research studies have concluded that people who seek out sexual relationships online may have a higher likelihood of pursuing a real-world affair, while acknowledging that while cheating is easier due to the Internet, many people continue to find sexual encounters outside of cyberspace.

Cyber-relationships involving sexting, cybersex or pornography are fast, don’t require an intimate commitment and can go on in secret for long periods of time. However, in addition to devastating family and career consequences, research has suggested that these types of relationships can actually lessen a person’s sexual satisfaction and increase feelings of low self-esteem. The sex online can become a quick, but ultimately ineffective substitute, says the article, for a craving for real intimacy.

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