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Schwarzenegger a Poster Boy for Infidelity?

When the story broke that Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had cheated on his wife, Maria Shriver, and had fathered a child with a woman on his household staff, condemnation spread around the world. Judged as immoral, heartless and entitled, Schwarzenegger has since maintained an understandably low profile.

But not everyone was reviled by his act of betrayal. In fact, one company sought to reward Schwarzenegger with a publicity deal. Ashley Madison, a dating website for married people looking to have an affair, has relentlessly pursued The Governator as a spokesperson for their brand.

Months ago, Ashley Madison approached Schwarzenegger with a five-year, $10 million contract be their international poster boy for married men who cheat. He would’ve been an ideal fit as the company extended its reach to the German, Austrian and Swiss pool of married men and women in search of an affair. A sweet deal, but one that Schwarzenegger (wisely) ignored.

Now, Ashley Madison is at it again, offering to give the state of California $100,000 in exchange for a media photo of Schwarzenegger in an Ashley Madison T- shirt during one of his bike rides. The latest proposal came on the heels of a report that Schwarzenegger wore a T-shirt that read “I survived Maria” during a bike ride.

Despite his poor judgment in the fashion department, odds are likely that Schwarzenegger won’t take Ashley Madison’s latest deal. But chances are some other celebrity will. There is no shortage of candidates, and Ashley Madison is hiring.

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