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Young Girls Seem Undeterred by Celebrity Problems with Sexting

More and more celebrities are finding nude or sexually-themed photos of themselves popping up on cell phones and gaining widespread viewers – but the scenario doesn’t seem to be deterring young girls and women from sexting. In fact, more girls than ever may be sending or receiving sexual photos via a cell phone or email.

While celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively are continuing to respond to media sources regarding the distribution of naked photos through sexting, other stars’ responses involve FBI or legal action.

However, rather than viewing celebrity problems associated with sexting as a prompt to avoid the behavior, girls seem to be trying to copy the behaviors out of a desire to be more like celebrity women.

The behavior, says a recent article, may actually be a way for girls to try to create a deeper connection with celebrities, even though the outcomes for sexting can be very negative.

A recent report from Harlequin Romance showed that more than 40 percent of participants to an Internet poll said they are sexting, with more than one-third saying they’re doing the behavior even at the early stages of a relationship. The women in the poll were in the age demographic of 18 to 40 years old.

Author Samantha Brett says that younger women and girls may believe sexting photos to dates or potential partners is how they can turn their heads. She also notes that men don’t view this as a sign of a serious or quality relationship, and there is a risk that these images can be used as blackmail if the man decides to share them.

In some cases, young women have even attempted suicide after finding that sexted photos of themselves had been sent out across the Internet when a relationship ends. In a growing list of states, the act is considered child pornography and carries felony charges.

Experts continually warn young women that sexting carries high levels of danger and consequences, and that nothing shared over the Internet is every truly private.

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