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The Tragedy Of Online Infidelity

Along with all of modern technology’s conveniences have come some unexpected negative consequences. People are losing in-person connections and living more online. Some people get obsessed with and even addicted to using devices. For anyone in a committed relationship, online flirting, cheating and affairs are another concern. The action itself can take many different forms, but having an online cheating spouse is universally devastating.

Learn the tragedy of online infidelity:

Is It Cheating If It’s Online?

This question was a little less clear when the Internet, chat rooms and cell phones with texting capability first became widespread. Today, with so much of our lives taking place online or over smartphones, the answer is obvious to many of us. Yes, of course it’s cheating, even if it occurs online and never in person. Some people would still say that an affair that takes place totally online isn’t as bad as one that happens in the real world, but a betrayal is a betrayal.

The Tragedy Of Online Cheating - It's CheatingThe real question is: what is cheating? The answer is different for everyone. If you think your spouse flirting at a party is cheating, someone else probably believes that kind of behavior is innocent and acceptable. Maybe for you the line is crossed with kissing, but what about emotional cheating? What if your spouse has an online relationship that delves deeply into an emotional connection, and what if your spouse lies about it? If that’s cheating, any kind of emotional or sexual engagement online should be considered cheating.

Cheating is when your spouse engages in any sexual behavior or develops a relationship with someone and lies to you about it.

Poking, Sexting And Online Porn

What are all the ways in which someone can cheat online? And how tragic can it be for a relationship? Flirting online may not be cheating, but it leads down a dangerous path. Using your smartphone and sexting while in a relationship with someone else is definitely cheating. Using porn may not be cheating, but it can be damaging if you use it compulsively to the exclusion of your spouse.

All of these kinds of online and virtual activities may not at first seem as damaging as real world cheating, but the betrayal is the same. Cheating in any form is devastating to a relationship. It destroys trust. It hurts feelings. It ends relationships. If there are kids involved, they will be hurt as well. Online cheating can cause all of these problems.

Whether it’s porn addiction, sexting, flirting with exes on Facebook or developing an emotional attachment online, cheating is cheating. Think about the consequences before you cross that line. And if your spouse is the one cheating online, make sure you both realize just how serious it is. Decide if you want to repair the relationship and rebuild trust or if you need to go your separate ways.

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