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Childhood Trauma May Hinder Romantic Relationships in Adulthood

Two separate studies were recently completed on the effects of childhood trauma and how it can affect intimate relationships later on in life. Childhood emotional maltreatment, or CEM, includes physical and sexual abuse, neglect and emotional mistreatment.

Studies suggest that a rough childhood can affect romantic relationships in destructive ways later on in life. Researchers found that that study participants had extremely strong tendencies toward self-criticisms which interfered with their relationships and basically derailed them.

The impact of the trauma sometimes carries over into their perception of situations and how they express themselves. The study also showed some participants even experienced PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder, as the result of emotional abuse they experienced in childhood.

Researchers felt this might be due to the child internalizing behaviors that were caused by early mistreatment or perhaps their inability to comprehend the circumstances they were in, according to a recent news article.

Regarding the study, investigators believe childhood maltreatment is a significant factor in the dramatic amount of referrals at university counseling offices in recent years. In one study, psychologist and his doctoral students believe that over time, the tendencies may be consolidated and become a part of one’s personality.

This could ultimately cause problems in all general and even romantic relationships for the individual. The individuals often were not satisfied in their relationships.

People who have experienced trauma as children tend to be extremely intense adults and put them at an increased risk for developing anxiety disorders, depression and other identity issues.

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