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Sex with Anonymous Partners May Reflect Addiction, Deep Intimacy Problems

A person’s repeated desire to have sex with someone they don’t know reflects more than risky behavior – it could reflect a long held sexual addiction, an addiction which is progressive in nature and requires professional help for recovery.

While it is often portrayed in ads or movies as raw passion, repeated acts of sex between two people who don’t even know each other may be a symptom of a serious and complex condition, especially when a person continues the behavior despite risks or maintains obsessive thought patterns about it.

As stated in a recent PsychCentral article, people with sex addiction may find anonymous outlets for sex for years without a spouse or friends knowing. This includes seeking sex through prostitution or other paid services; online sexual activity; or carrying out sexual behavior with strangers in settings like nightclubs or through hook-up ads and websites.

The behavior is not the romantic rush shown on films and television, but more a reflection of a person’s inability to maintain intimate, personal relationships or a desire to avoid the negative emotions that come from being unable to form close personal bonds.

Sex with strangers may become an outlet for a person with sexual addiction to release the negative stress or tension that comes from deep-seeded intimacy problems. In essence, the sex helps them to numb out and delivers a high that can be compared with the high people get when they abuse alcohol or drugs.

Over time, the person loses their ability to control these urges and may seek out sexual opportunities in the workplace and avoid home or social situations. The need for emotional connection can be omitted during these anonymous sexual activities, and the activity can go on for years.

Experts like Robert Weiss, founder of The Sexual Recovery Institute, point out that repeated acts of anonymous sex may involve sex in strange locations or public locations, sex without foreplay or seductive actions, and sex without compensation like payment.

This type of sex also falls outside of areas that involve relationship; rather it is often a single occurrence with a person, and then another partner is located.

Previous sexual abuse or serious relationship problems based on self-esteem can often be involved in sexual addiction or sexual compulsivity. Professional help is needed to recover from an addiction to sex with strangers, but recovery is possible.

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