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The Negative Effects of the Sexual Hookup

Remember the courting process? A young man would show up on the porch of the home of the young girl, asking her father if they could sit on the porch swing under his watchful eye. The dating scene differs greatly today, but a new trend is emerging that is cutting out tradition in favor of going straight to the physical.

Traditional dating appears to be on its way out, replaced by the sexual hookup. The practice appears to be common among college youth and for high-schoolers who are already sexually active. More than just a cultural trend, this movement suggests more than just curiosity. Those involved may eventually find themselves engaged in harmful or addictive sexual behavior.

The Negative Effects of the Sexual HookupA sexual hookup can be clarified as a brief and uncommitted sexual encounter where the individuals involved are not considered romantic partners or even in a dating relationship. Research in this field shows that among American college students, 60 percent to 80 percent have had a hook-up experience of some sort; while 61 percent of sexually active high school kids have experienced the same.

The younger individual is quick to follow suit when a trend emerges that appears to have mass appeal. What these individuals tend to be too young to understand, however, is that a sexual encounter of any kind has emotional consequences. Research suggests 49 percent of women experience a negative reaction after a hookup, while the same is true for 26 percent of men.

A Canadian study conducted in 2012 demonstrates even more powerful statistics where 78 percent of women and 72 percent of men reported regret after they engaged in a hookup. Such risky behavior can also lead to other problems such as a higher risk for mental health problems and the possibility of developing an addiction to sex.

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