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Understanding Love and Romance Addiction: 15 Most Common Signs of Love or Romantic Addiction

  1. Frequently mistaking intense sexual experiences or romantic infatuation for love
  2. Constantly searching for romance and love
  3. Using sex as a means to find or hold onto love
  4. Falling in love with people met superficially or solely online
  5. Problems maintaining intimate relationships once the initial newness and excitement has worn off
  6. Consistent unhappiness, desire to hook-up or anxiety when alone
  7. Consistently choosing abusive or emotionally unavailable partners
  8. Giving emotionally, financially or otherwise to partners who require a great deal of care-taking but do not or can not reciprocate what they are given
  9. When in a long-term relationship most often feeling detached, judgmental or unhappy; when out of a relationship, feeling desperate and alone
  10. Making decisions about what to wear, how to look and what to say based on how others might perceive you, rather than on self-awareness, comfort and creativity
  11. Using sex, money, seduction, drama or other schemes to “hook” or hold onto a partner
  12. Missing out on important family, career, recreational or social experiences in order to find, create or maintain a romantic relationship
  13. Giving up by avoiding sex or relationships for long periods of time to “solve the problem”
  14. Being unable to leave unhealthy or abusive relationships despite repeated promises to self or others
  15. Returning to previously unmanageable or painful relationships despite promises to self or others not to do so
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