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Understanding Love and Romance Addiction: The Rush of New Romance vs. True Intimacy

By Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S

For those seeking a long-term a relationship, healthy romantic intensity is the catalyst that brings about the bonding necessary to sustain love and attachment. The beginning stages of a potential love relationship are the most exhilarating because that emotional state helps us bond and attach. This is when how a partner looks, walks, talks, eats and thinks is the subject of endless fantasy, excitement and late night phone calls.

Romance itself, with or without sex, does encourage personal growth when we are open to learning. Then each new relationship can offer insight and self-awareness. Most people easily relate to that “rush” of first love and romance; the stuff of endless songs, greeting cards and fantasy.

More than romantic intensity or great sex, true long-term intimacy is an experience of being known and accepted by someone over time. Loving relationships develop in part as those first exhilarating times together form the foundation of a deeper, long-term closeness. It is that deeper closeness which ultimately feeds our hearts and keeps us content, long after the rush of new romance has passed.

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