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Emotional Infidelity – You Can’t Be Just Friends

When Harry Met Sally explored the complicated relationship between a man and a woman, demonstrating the two can never be just friends. When the assumption that a platonic relationship can never go any further is proven wrong, is there always sex involved? A recent Psych Central blog suggests the emotional connection can be just as powerful.

The piece explores just how much of a threat the emotional connection can be to a committed relationship. It is the addictive tendencies that can threaten the otherwise healthy marriage, introducing a whole new dynamic whether sex is involved with the third party or not. The affected partner still feels the impact of infidelity.

Emotional infidelity introduces an intensity that often resembles that of an addiction or an addictive love. When the situation is viewed as such, the toxic pattern can be identified and the experience depersonalized. The neurochemicals at play in the emotional relationship are what lead to a dangerous pattern, one that can lead to physical infidelity.

Believe it or not, the attention received by the individual generates chemicals similar to an intoxicated reaction. The individual may not think clearly or make the right choices. Plus, these “rewards” deliver a quick-fix of pleasure to the body, something the person will want to repeat time and again.

The same chemicals can help to create a numbing sensation to provide distance from the guilt or shame associated with the actions or the real issues that exist within the committed relationship. This response is similar to that of the alcoholic or depressed individual who often ends up in toxic relationships.

Emotional infidelity does not come without the necessary warning signals, and if the individual has to justify the relationship, there’s likely to a problem.

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