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Men of Power & Sex Addiction

Men who are in roles of power should have everything they want, right? At times, this is not enough and it is not unusual for men in power to act out.

Perhaps you caught the reports surrounding David Duchovny’s struggles with sex addiction, which emerged after political controversies surfaced regarding Elliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton and Larry Craig. All of these men had both wealth and power, yet they were weak and submissive to their addictions.

While the world may wonder why men who appear to have it all still struggle with addictions, it is important to highlight that many of their lives may be emotionally empty. Sex addiction is often born of a lack of connection, emotional support or genuine intimacy, according to sex addiction expert Robert Weiss.

He notes that people in positions of power are known to work 16- to 18-hour days and travel the world to find themselves long distances away from those close to them. At the same time, these individuals manage intense stress and pressure and fail to make it a priority to take care of themselves or create and enjoy downtime.

And, if an individual’s emotional needs are not being met, it is more likely that he or she is seeking a quick fix to satisfy a bigger craving. Many end up feeling empty and entitled to indulge in a guilty pleasure. While some may do so with a rich dessert, others may find their escape in sexual encounters.

Without acknowledging the problem, it is likely to continue to get worse until relationships are damaged. The resulting consequences often outweigh the benefit the individual was trying to seek with the indulgence.

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