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Online Relationships Still Popular, Though Linked to Both Break-Ups and Less Privacy

Is an online romantic relationship considered cheating? How about cybersex? Or maybe the real question is how much does it matter to couples anymore?

While many people disagree on what equals cheating when it comes to sexual behaviors online, polls and studies reported in recent articles say that the use of online resources for beginning romantic or sexual relationships remains popular, even if it means the end of a current real-world relationship.

A survey from Euro RSCG Worldwide reported that about 20 percent of 1,000 respondents said they have begun a love relationship on the Internet. Almost half had someone in their life whose current romantic relationship was also started on the Internet.

However, when it came to discussion around the ways the Internet can bring a relationship to a close, almost 33 percent of the participants said they were acquainted with someone who had experienced this scenario.

Another notable finding from the poll is that close to 75 percent of respondents said they felt that activities like sex chats and cybersex online meant cheating. The rise in the belief that these activities are cheating may be linked, said the poll source, with the reality that sexual activities online aren’t private anymore. This is mostly due to the rise of social media and the fact that more people are willing to arrange meetings with people they encounter online.

Lack of honesty is also playing a part, say the researchers, because many people report small lies associated with building their profiles online for romantic hook-ups.

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