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Apps to Shut Down Sexting are Now Available in the App Store

The next time you’re in Apple’s App Store you may be seeing an app designed to protect people from sexting. The app is discussed in a recent news article on USA Today.

Snapchat gives the smart phone users the ability to take a picture, send it to whomever they choose and then control the message and how long it is visible for. Yes, that’s right, the message ultimately self destructs usually between one to 10 seconds after it is received.

But before you get too excited, let’s back up for a second. There is a small disclaimer that simply states, this is the intended purpose of this app but we don’t guarantee that it works. There is actually a warning stating “messages, therefore, are sent at the risk of the user.”

As sexting becomes commonplace, a surprisingly six percent of American adults admit to doing it, according to a study to be released by Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. However, of those same adults, 15 percent say they have received a suggestive nearly nude or nude videos or photo on a cell phone. Three percent of teens also say they have sent sexually explicit content.

While Snapchat doesn’t specifically mention the words “sexting” it is implied. Those downloading the free app must be 12 years old or older due to a warning of mild and or sexual content or nudity.

Experts suggest that it all boils down to friction. The more complex it is for someone to share a private and often times personal text, like sexting, the more likely it is that message won’t be shared. Adding hurdles to a message exchange can, in itself, cause the entire chain to self destruct.

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