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Ex-Stripper and Mother of Three Reflects on Sex Addiction in Book

The story of an ex-stripper with a sex addiction turned mother of three, professor and author is making national headlines.

“Kyrie,” with a legal name of Sheila Hageman, is talking about the loneliness and desire for affection that led her down a path including professional stripping and sex addiction in recent interviews, including ABC News, and her own book “Stripping Down.”

For several years, Hageman pursued a career in acting while working evenings in stripping establishments and getting involved in sexual relationships. People recognized her writing talent, says Hageman, but she still felt a need to separate herself from emotional pain that included serious problems with self-image and emotional insecurities.

That separation from these powerful negative emotions included stripping and sex. Sexual addiction experts say the need to cope or escape from intimacy and self-esteem problems are a common factor among people living with sex addiction.

At 40 years old and a parent to three, Hageman says the loss of her mother and the discovery of her father’s collection of pornography at a young age, were also factors in the path her life took. Being unable to achieve a perfect physical shape, and subsequent problems with eating disorders, also created a need to separate herself into two halves – one who had dreams of acting and writing, and the other who used sex to gain affection.

Hageman is working through her past involving sexual addiction with professional therapy, which she says may always be a part of her life. Ending the denial toward her behaviors and emotional problems began a journey of healing, says Hageman, which she shares today as a writing teacher and author.

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