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Poll Says Younger Women Sexting, but Many Still Want Traditional Values

In a surprising story, a major romance novel publishing company asked their younger readers about the ways they used technology in areas related to romance. More than 40 percent of their poll respondents, who were in the age bracket of 18 to 40, said they have participated in sexting.

More than 60 percent of the poll users said that they reserved sexting for committed relationships and felt it had an impact on those relationships; more than one-third, however, said they had used sexting even in a casual relationship.

A recent Huffington Post article describes these findings from the 2012 Harlequin Romance novel poll. The poll also looked at how women readers might be utilizing social networks for their romantic pursuits.

More than half used Facebook to learn more about a potential date, and many said they were displeased when people they were dating weren’t taking ex-relationships away from their Facebook timeline tool.

Despite their use of sexting in both committed and casual relationships, as well as social media tools, many women in the poll said they didn’t consider a texted date request appropriate. Others said they were still seeking a partner who was smart, kind and had other attributes, aside from technology.

Many women in the poll also said that they believed men who spent too much time on their phones or using technology to communicate may have communication problems in real-life.

Experts in the article put it another way, stating that men who overuse technology could actually have a type of deficit toward traits like honesty and kindness, and that the technology-heavy users may lean more toward activities related to someone looking for a physical, rather than an emotional, connection.

Experts also concluded that these men may have higher levels of insecurity, especially when it comes to those who post frequent images of themselves and girls from previous relationships.

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