It’s Cheating discusses the changing face of infidelity and related issues in a digitally connected world. One of the consequences of the Internet, smart phones, and changing technology is that there are those people who take it a step too far. They may destroy families, relationships, their health, and even their finances in pursuit of a high. The high? The seeking of sexual partners and sexual experiences. There are some people who become obsessed with and even addicted to sex. They might spend hours perusing pornography, taking time away from work and family to find more stimulating images and video.

They might troll Facebook for partners – one after another – regardless of their current relationship status. They might use smart-phone technology to find anonymous sex when they are traveling for business. There are so many ways that healthy expressions of sexuality can morph into something dark and obsessive. They begin to accrue consequences, most unpleasant: sexual transmitted diseases, broken marriages, lost jobs. They may even end up arrested if they start seeking out prostitutes or doing other illegal behavior.

One of the questions that is often asked is, “Is it Cheating?” – it’s asked when the person cruises the Internet for pornography, seeks out cybersex partners, and partakes in other sexual behavior that is hidden and kept secret from a significant other. Some people believe that if they never actually have sex with someone else, they are not cheating.

In our hyperconnected world, it is time we redefined cheating.