Seeking Arrangement Review: Is It Legit and Worth The Price?

Online dating is mainly associated with long-term relationships, with marriage being seen as the ultimate goal. However, that’s not the desire for a lot of online daters. 

There are rich, attractive, and charismatic guys who seem to have it all. The only thing that’s missing is a lovely lady. They don’t just want a trophy wife or girlfriend. They’re looking for someone they genuinely care about

The women they’re seeking also want something, and it’s not only money. They want someone trustworthy and who they can count on for support. They might’ve been scorned before but still believe in love, 

If either of those describes you, check out Seeking Arrangement. This guide is going to tell you all about this fantastic dating site. 

Key Benefits

Let’s Talk Sugar – This is the site’s blog that goes over the concept of sugar dating and how to make it work. It helps users with safety and finding partners.

Diamond Membership – This is a premium feature available for accounts that are at least two months old. Access is also contingent on passing a background check.

Video Chat – You may prefer talking on a date, but video chat is still a great way to break the ice. Try Seeking Arrangement’s Video Chat if you find yourself connecting with a match.


  • 5.4 million American users
  • 150,000 online users each week
  • 48/52 male/female split
  • Focus on special romantic arrangements
  • 10 million users globally, mainly in the United States and Europe
  • High user activity

Sugar dating relationships can be exclusive partnerships with sex, but they can also just be based on a matter of arrangement, with no consummation.

Never assume that your matches feel the same way you do. Ask them what they’re looking for, and compare it to your desires. If there are no significant divides, you can proceed.

Instead of “sugar daddies,” Seeking Arrangement uses the term “Successful Members.” However, they still need to have the means to care for their partner, both financially and emotionally.

Sugar babies shouldn’t just sit around and wait for a Successful Member to swoop them up. They need to demonstrate why they should be picked.

A great quality of Seeking Arrangement is that it has a near-even split between men and women. Often, you’ll find the deck is skewered far more towards men. Here, women have a slight edge, but there’s still plenty to go around.

Sign Up

  • It takes no more than five minutes to sign up
  • Free premium account for sugar babies with college email
  • Allows Facebook sign up

You don’t have to put in a lot of information when you sign up for Seeking Arrangement. The main things are your user type and what you want. 

If you’re a sugar baby, you’ll be asked about how much your daddy should have. If you’re a Success Member, you’ll need to include your earnings, as well as your wants. 

You can use an email address or Facebook to complete your registration. It’s excellent for college students since you can use your school email for free premium access. Any chance to use premium should be taken. 

If you pass the background check, you’ll receive a badge. This is an excellent way to foster trust in your account. 


  • Allows private pictures
  • Verified badges for background checks
  • Need to get profile picture approved
  • Lots of information on profiles

You can make your Seeking Arrangement private, which is awesome if you’re concerned about people finding your profile.

While you don’t have to complete your profile, we recommend you do. It shows that you have nothing to hide and what kind of person you are. It also helps to give you greater exposure to potential matches.

You need to have photos approved before they can be posted. It’s also possible to make them private. Should you want to see someone’s private photos, ask for access. With a premium account, you can hide your site activity.

Making Contact

  • Doesn’t charge for searches or account viewings
  • No-cost messaging when profile picture gets approved
  • Premium users can message without profile picture
  • Really good matching system

Seeking Arrangement has an excellent search feature. It goes further than just pairing you with people who are looking for a similar arrangement as you.

You can also find sugar daddies and babies who live around you. Seeking Arrangement lets you set your search via distance. Whether you want someone down the street or who’s a road trip away, you can find them.

Want someone who doesn’t have kids or who matches a specific body type? That can be part of your search as well. Premium users get to enjoy even more search functions.

You can message for free if you get your profile picture approved. Premium users can message without a photo, but we urge you to post one due to how much it can help you find matches.

Seeking Arrangement Cost

Seeking Arrangement has three types of membership. These all have pros and cons, but we most recommend a diamond account.

Usually, people get 90 days of premium, which lets them really see all the site offers. 

A good plan is to create a free account and examine the cost of each premium account. Membership costs can increase, so make sure you check the site to see their current rates.

Pros and Cons


  • Users know how sugar relationships work
  • It only takes minutes to join
  • Lots of member activity
  • Free profile browsing
  • Men are good-looking and kind
  • Women are lovely and charming


  • Background check is helpful but can feel invasive
  • It takes a while to go through users to find your right match

The Bottom Line

Although you might not hear it brought up as much as other dating sites, Seeking Arrangement is huge when it comes to sugar dating. Its creator considers “arrangements,” to be at the forefront of all we do, not just in romantic relationships.

This applies to the workplace, friendships, and more. If these can work with arrangements, why can’t dating?

Seeking Arrangement helps create balanced relationships where everyone is satisfied. If you know what you want, Seeking Arrangement helps you to find it.