WellHello Review: Should I Consider Signing Up?

A big problem with many dating sites is that they’re too narrow-focused. In order to use them, you need to be part of some kind of exclusive demographic. This includes sites that are geared either towards people looking for true love or people just looking for sex, with nothing in between. 

WellHello is a great dating site with a very cool setup. It doesn’t make any specific requirements for joining. Anything you’re looking for, within reason, can be found on WellHello. We’re eager to tell you more about this excellent dating site.


Although we don’t have specific figures on WellHello members, we can say that you’ll be in good company. The members tend to be very interesting people with a lot to talk about. Depending on when you join, you might find different levels of user activity.

The biggest wave of WellHello signups happens in May. However, most activity happens in May. Perhaps there’s something about the spring air that makes people want to try and fall in love, or at least find some kind of intimacy.


  • Free to join
  • Can join by yourself or with a partner
  • Two things need to be done
  • It takes up to two minutes
  • It doesn’t require much information

You can get your WellHello account started and running in the blink of an eye. Well, that’s an exaggeration, but it’s an exceptionally fast process. Give your gender and set up your email and password. Then, you can choose to add as much as you’re comfortable with.

When you provide your email, you’ll next be asked if you want to upgrade your membership. We’ll get into why you might want to consider that later in the article. While it’s easier to have a non-premium account with an empty profile, there are lots of disadvantages to doing that.

Reaching Out

  • Matches can be sorted by area and age
  • Premium membership means unlimited messaging
  • You can show private photos to matches
  • Favoriting option
  • Flirting for premium users

The best reason to sign up for premium is that it’s the only way to get in touch with others. If you can find a way to set up someone without messaging, we’d love to hear it. However, we’ve got a feeling it’s a pretty convoluted plan that rarely works.

There’s ways besides sending messages to get someone’s attention on WellHello. You can also use flirting and favoriting. Combining different methods is our favorite. If nothing else, it definitely shows another user that you’re persistent.


  • Profile information can be completed later
  • Sexual interests and orientations are shown
  • The general user area is shown
  • Bots made by site – “Love Hostesses.”
  • A lot of ads

As with many sites, you’ll need to validate your email in order to get your WellHello profile approved. However, there’s still a fairly large number of bots on the site. What’s more, these are bots that are made by the site. These are known as “LoveHostesses,” and if you’re even the least bit shrewd, you’ll be able to tell when a user isn’t all that real.

With a free account, you’ll be able to look at other’s profiles, but you might be limited by how many photos you can see. A user’s distance and online status will also be shown, which can help you decide if you want to reach out to someone.


  • One month – $24.95
  • One year – $7.45/month

If you take the plunge for WellHello premium access, you’ll have two options. You can sign up for one month at a time, paying $24.95 each month. Or, you can join for a year, paying $7.45 each month. We greatly encourage the latter, because it saves money and helps prevent you from rushing into something.

Having a premium account lets you message as much as you’d like, use the chat function, and send flirts. You can also use the video chat function, watch videos and see private pictures, as well as browse anonymously. We really can’t undersell how good you’ll have it as a premium user.


Private Gallery

Got photos that you’re proud of, but are reluctant to share publicly because of their revealing nature? Private Gallery is a great feature because it lets you post your sexiest photos without worrying about who sees them. You’ll need your best judgment when determining access, of course, but you’ll figure it out.


The WellHelloSurvey goes into your sexual history through 20 questions. Focus carefully on each of the questions and your answers. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to choose between three different rewards.


WellHello has a lot of advantages. It appeals to different kinds of daters, has great features, and is easy to join. You don’t need to know much about online dating to join. You can also have a diverse array of dating needs and have a good time on WellHello.

Don’t pay for a year-long membership without doing some browsing and soul-searching. Think about what exactly you’re looking for and see how WellHello will help. It all starts with one step, and WellHello makes that step both easy and fun.