VictoriaMilan Review: Scam or Legit?

Falling in love is like magic, but falling out of love is like eating what was once a favorite meal and having it taste bland or worse.

If you know a relationship has no chance of redemption, you should end it. But that’s really hard to do, even if the love is clearly lost.

It feels scandalous even to suggest it, but affairs are an option. There are also sites designed for initiating them, like Victoria Milan.

No matter what sort of commitment you have, Victoria Milan is here to help you cheat. You could be in a decades-long marriage or going steady with someone and get used out of it either way.

I can say that I’ve used it. I was just feeling frustrated in my current relationship but wasn’t ready to break things off. Was this ethical? No. Do I regret it? No.

You might ask why anyone would use an affair dating site due to the likelihood of getting caught. Well, you have to be careful, but Victoria Milan gives you plenty of tools to help with privacy.

There’s a face blurring option for photos. You can also put a mask over your pictures. You won’t be forced to reveal any more information than you should be comfortable with.

That’s not to say there’s a guarantee of safety. “Enter at your own risk” applies heavily to this site. If you’re afraid of getting caught, don’t use Victoria Milan.

Key Benefits

1. AnonymousBlur – This tool lets you hide who you are with blurring and masks. Blur and cover your face enough to conceal your identity, but not so much that you look ridiculous.

2. Panic Button – You probably shouldn’t use Victoria Milan when someone else might walk in and see what’s on your screen. However, if you do, make sure you know where the Panic Button is. This is the lower right corn of the screen. When you click it, it’ll take you to an innocuous site. Hopefully, your heart won’t be racing, and you won’t start sweating.

3. Featured Users – Want to see who the cream of the Victoria Milan crop is? Use Featured Users.

4. Virtual Gifts – If you fancy someone, a good way to court them is with Virtual Gifts.

5. Search – Use the search function to locate users near you easily.

6. Visits – Want to see who’s been looking at your profile? Use the Visits feature.

Sign Up

  • Quick to join
  • Must have a profile picture to look at other pictures
  • Personal facts section you have to complete
  • Must verify the account via email
  • Need to complete profile
  • Hide identity with Anonymous Blur

You can start your Victoria Milan profile in about five minutes. Due to the focus on privacy, you won’t have to input any revealing information.

However, they do require email verification for accounts. While these are kept private, you might feel more comfortable starting a new account, to be on the safe side.

Next is a fun part. You’ll choose tags that help them match the right users to you.

While lots of people use Victoria Milan for hookups, the site still cares about user connections. You could realize you’re looking for something deeper after seeing some of your matches.

Photos are a tricky aspect of Victoria Milan. How do you show matches that you’re all that without exposing yourself? 

The AnonymousBlur Tool is helpful. If you have the right photos and know how to blur effectively, you should be able to show just how hot you are without revealing too much.


  • Users tend to conceal identities
  • Updating information and photos is easy
  • Lets you see when users were online last
  • More promotion for more complete profiles

You’ll find many other members use the Anonymous Blur Tool. It’s kind of like going to a virtual masquerade ball.

Don’t rush into blurring and posting your photo. If one picture doesn’t look great with blurring, try another one.

Victoria Milan does include information on locations. However, as another protective measure, it’s based on country. Therefore, nosy neighbors wouldn’t be able to prove that your profile is yours. That is, unless you gave them clear evidence. You can search users by how close they are to you, though.

People talk about themselves on their Victoria Milan profiles. While they’re understandably coy about specific, sensitive details, they still reveal a lot about their personalities. You don’t want to bore people, after all.

Making Contact

  • Premium membership needed for messaging
  • Different filters available for search
  • Lets all users use “favorite” and “wink” features
  • Premium users can use the chatroom
  • Saved list of liked members

Unless you have a premium account, there’s a limit to how much you can do in Victoria Milan. For one, you can’t message or use the chatroom. All you can do is wink at or favorite users.

Premium membership is also necessary to see who’s winked at and favorited you. 

The Chatbox is another excellent aspect of being a premium user. You can also use this to give others Virtual Gifts and look at their secure photos with Private Keys.

Fiddle around with location settings to see what sort of sexy matches are around the world. Maybe you’ll have a very special business trip coming up?

Be sure to update your profile regularly. This shows you’re an active user and improves your chances of becoming a Featured User.


Victoria Milan costs more than other dating sites. However, they have a good deal of security measures that make the extra price worth it.

Prices decrease the longer you’re a member, but they don’t dip below $29.99 per month. That said, you’ll need a premium membership if you want to get any kind of use out of the site.

Premium membership is so much better in so many ways. You can message, send virtual gifts, and learn who’s giving you gifts. 

A free account lets you get a taste, but it’s like the difference between trying a free sample and actually eating the dish. Basically, a Victoria Milan free trial doesn’t really give you the access necessary to see if it’s a good fit for you or not.

There are different lengths of membership to try. If you don’t want to pay for an entire year, you can try three or six months. 

Pros and Cons


  • Many users globally
  • Simple sign up
  • Lots of security
  • Protection with Panic button and AnonymousBlur


  • Limited usage without premium membership
  • Premium account required for messaging
  • Many users browse through
  • Mediocre customer help
  • Inactive profiles
  • Requires both men and women to pay for premium access

The Bottom Line: Is Victoria Milan Legit and Worth It?

There’s much to appreciate about Victoria Milan, but they are not perfect, to say the least. A big drawback is that so many profiles are inactive.

You might get excited, thinking you found the perfect match, only to see they haven’t been online in months, if not longer.

However, there’s another site that does everything Victoria Milan does but better: Ashley Madison. This is a huge affair dating site, with some 80 million users around the world.

Even better, Ashley Madison lets women sign up and use messaging for free. That means a lot more activity among both men and users. If you want the best of the best, click here to try Ashley Madison.