Illicit Encounters Review UK: Scam or Worth It?

Are you in a committed relationship but not feeling the commitment? You’ve probably considered having an affair but don’t know how safe that would be. While it’s risky, there are ways to make it safer, such as signing up for an affair dating site.

Illicit Encounters is focused on helping people cheat. The founder, Stephen Lines, originally planned a typical dating site for single people. However, he realized there was a significant market for affair dating. In 2003, Illicit Encounters was born. 

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people don’t care for this site. There aren’t many public places advertising Illicit Encounters, but they still do a good job of marketing themselves. There are more than one million members. If someone in the United Kingdom is looking to cheat, they should look at Illicit Encounters.


  • Everyone creates their own profiles
  • More than 1,000 online users per day
  • Exclusively for people in relationships
  • Users live in the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Users typically want a temporary arrangement
  • Users generally are between 30 and 55

You can only sign up for Illicit Encounters if you live in the United Kingdom or Ireland. You can’t join if you’re single, but you can if you’re divorced, separated, or have recently lost your spouse.

Married people are a significant part of the site, as people find themselves frustrated by a lifetime commitment and want to branch out. However, people aren’t using this site to find someone else to marry. They want to blow off some steam and find someone to connect with, physically and/or emotionally.

Profile pictures are not required, so it’s hard to tell if a user is real or not. Fortunately, messaging is only for paying users, which provides a barrier for scammers. If you suspect someone isn’t genuine, block them right away, and consider reporting them too.

Sign up

  • Doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to sign up
  • Lets you post profile picture any time
  • Does not keep personal information
  • Options for gay users
  • No need to verify email

You can get registered with Illicit Encounters in as little as seven minutes. Before you can start browsing, you’ll need to list your gender, what gender of user you’re seeking, and the country you live in. You only be able to choose the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Then, you’ll need to put in some more critical information, including your desired username, county of residence, email, and marriage status. You can choose between being married, living with a partner, and widowed, divorced, and separated.

You must also confirm your age, as Illicit Encounters is restricted to users age 21 and older. Once you’ve agreed to their terms of service, you’re ready for Illicit Encounters.

The final thing is to make your page. This will include information about your looks and past. You also have to include the kind of relationship you want. Talk about your interests and hobbies as well. That way, users can feel like they know you a lot better. There’s also an optional space for writing about what your dream partner would be like. 

Making Contact

  • Free contacting for women
  • Men have to pay for messaging
  • ”Favouriting”
  • Credits-based virtual gifts
  • Free virtual kisses
  • Matchfinder
  • Filters for searches

There are many routes for starting a conversation on Illicit Affairs. There’s the messaging option, which is free for women, but men need a Gold membership. There are also virtual gifts and kisses. With virtual gifts, you’ll need to purchase credits first. However, virtual kisses don’t; cost anything. Your “About me” paragraph will be included with your virtual kiss, along with a pre-written greeting and conclusion. 

To find your match, look through the Matchfinder section. You don’t have to search through every user, either. Set the search filters based on what you want from a partner, such as being in a specific age range or living in your area. It also lets you search based on the online status, so you can reach out to people who’ll hopefully respond quickly.


  • Can use site icons for the profile picture
  • Shows what a member’s marriage status is and the kind of relationship they want
  • Paragraphs for users to talk about themselves and say what kind of partner they want
  • Ability to set photos to private
  • Can use site icons for the profile picture
  • Shows user’s activity on their profiles
  • Ability to update profile and pictures

We can’t promise that Illicit Encounters profiles are full of information. Some users write comprehensive paragraphs about themselves. However, some stick with the required information, which can be pretty scant. A completed profile says a lot about a user’s thoughtfulness. It can also give you a lot more things to talk about. Do your best to give users a well-rounded profile with plenty of information.

To see all of a user’s photos, click on their picture. In the photo gallery, you’ll see their public pictures, available for anyone to click. Then, there are the private photos. To see these, you’ll need to ask for the password.

There are many ways to reach out to an Illicit Encounters user or signal that you’re interested. You can message them, send a virtual kiss, send a virtual gift, or favorite them. There are also blocking and reporting buttons for fake and/or abusive users.


Free messaging is a privilege for female users. Men will have to choose between Gold or Gold Plus membership. Gold Plus has an eight-week membership length. While there’s nothing drastically different between the memberships, the longer duration makes Gold Plus very appealing if you’re looking to spend a lot of time on the site. For virtual gifts, you can buy credits through Illicit Encounters.

Final Verdict

We don’t condone cheating but don’t want to act like we should control your life. If you’re an adult and are willing ta take responsibility for your actions, we can’t stop you from cheating. What we can do is offer a safe platform for doing so. Illicit Affairs has created many affairs without users having to worry about privacy. That doesn’t mean you should be complacent or cocky. Remember that there’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to cheating. 

Don’t worry about feeling judged. The only person who could do that here is yourself. Speaking to someone you’re attracted to who knows what it’s like to fall out of love can be so rewarding. You can hear some profound things and realize them yourself. 

However, there are some problems with Illicit Affairs. The major complaint we’ve seen and heard from our readers is that the members on the site seem to be inactive, so it’s hard to connect with people. Some people are only online every two weeks or a month, and there are millions of members who’ve been inactive for more than a year. 

This defeats the purpose of joining a site because you are there to meet others for secret encounters in the first place! A better alternative to Illicit Encounters is Ashley Madison. Although there are many United States members on this site, the overall membership is 80 million, and it’s worldwide, including in the UK. 

Most of the members here are very active, which is great to connect with many different people. Women message for free, and men only have to pay a small fee for credits to message. No site is perfect, but Ashley Madison stands at the top of the mountain compared to all the other alternatives out there.