Secret Social Media Accounts Offer Easy Venues for Illicit Relationships

Social media has created the fastest and easiest method of communication ever, but it’s also led to more relationship troubles. A survey reveals that one-third of cheaters have used secret social media accounts for illicit relationships. Of those surveyed, 67 percent used a fake Facebook account to carry on their affair. Half of the group used a fake e-mail or Twitter account.

For people who are at risk of sex addiction or infidelity, social media has become a huge temptation. Hiding behind a computer screen, they feel that their relationship is secret to everyone but themselves and their lover. 

This false secrecy has put their current relationship in jeopardy and placed them in a fictitious world where they can escape all things undesirable. Through rehabilitation professionals, people who are addicted to this relationship-damaging behavior can find some help.

Meet Me in Cyberspace

Computers, tablets and smart phones are within reach of most Americans throughout most or all of the day. The researchers in the study say that the ease of using the Internet and its speed in sending love letters or photos makes it tempting to carry on secret affairs.

When couples meet in cyberspace they don’t have to explain where they’re going or worry about who will see them. They are immediately at their destination and carrying on with their partner without having to leave their home or office. Time, place and transportation are all worries that have been set aside. 

In fact, some people carry on illicit conversations while their partner is sitting just across the room. Connecting with old flames has never been easier. And friends of friends on Facebook may spark a new or an old interest.

Multiple Identities Create Multiple Problems

The ease of creating multiple e-mail, Facebook and Twitter accounts makes it more tempting for partners to consider, initiate or respond to an illicit relationship. Multiple accounts can allow a person to indulge in multiple personalities. Information, including pictures of the person, can even be fictitious. 

Most people in the survey admitted they using fake accounts so they could list their status as single. Others said they just wanted a place where they could talk privately with their illicit partner.

Multiple identities create multiple fictitious stories. For some people, this behavior can pull them into a world of lies that comes crashing down.

Not So Secret

Some people feel they’re safely hidden behind a computer screen and that no one could possibly know of their secret worlds, but the study found otherwise. Half of the 2,400 people in the survey said their partner found out about their infidelities, wither when accounts are accidentally left open or a spouse walks by and notices a message that looks suspicious. 

Cell phones that are left on the counter are also full of sent and received mail that can be accessed by a suspicious spouse, or even a child who innocently wants to just play with a game on the phone.

Rehabilitation services can help cheaters break out of their secret world and find honest grounding through their family. Infidelity does not have to mean separation and divorce. Through the help of specialists, individuals with addictions or obsessions can recover and families can heal.