C-Date Review: Is It Worth The Cost?

Is your online dating experience not making the grade? Then, you might need to try C-Date. Despite its name, this site doesn’t stick you with a lot of mediocre partners. It’s focused on casual encounters, and it does a great job of making things fun.

C-Date looks over your account and decides which members would be the right fit for you. They’ll tell you who to reach out to based on their assessments. Keep reading for further information about C-Date.


  • Two million American users
  • 730,000 active users each week
  • 52/48 female/male split
  • As many as 25,000 people join each day
  • More than 36 million users globally
  • Most users are from Germany, Switzerland, or Brazil
  • 80% of users are entrepreneurs/professionals
  • Women have slight majority

There are dating sites where they have lots of users, but the gender balance is way off. Conversely, there are ones where the genders are pretty even, but the membership numbers are considerably lower. C-Date combines a very deep user pool with a very close gender ratio.

In the United States alone, C-Date has around two million users. Female users have a slightly larger presence, but 52 percent isn’t such a great majority that those attracted to men will be left behind. The users also have very attractive backgrounds, with most of them having professional experience. You might have to ask them to elaborate, as that can mean different things for different people.


  • Requires email address
  • Only need to do six things to make an account
  • Profile picture needs to be checked by moderators
  • Temporary access to Premium for new users
  • Women get complete access to free

It’s quite simple to sign up for C-Date. When you join, you’ll need to state what you’re seeking, both for a partner and for encounters. You’ll also need to include background information, such as your location, how old you are, and your appearance.

Once you’ve done all this, you’ll start using the site. Initially, you’ll get to use Premium for a limited time. Female users get Premium for free no matter what. If you’re a man, you’ll need to pay up for Premium if you want to keep using it.

 Reaching Out

  • Matches users with the C-Date Matchmaking Algorithm
  • ”Contact Proposals” given to premium users
  • Doesn’t have a chatroom
  • Men need Premium for sending messages
  • Free messaging for women

You’ll have lots of options for reaching out to C-Date users. There’s a list of currently actives users, as well as ones who have been matched with you. Additionally, you can see users who have visited your page, ones who you’ve favorited, and ones who have liked your profiles.

Messaging for men requires Premium access. For women, it’s completely free, as they’ll already have Premium Accounts. One disappointing aspect of C-Date is its lack of a chatroom. However, “Contact Proposals” is a great feature that you won’t find on many sites. This is where C-Date points out users you should consider getting in touch with.


  • Profiles are full of information
  • The site needs to okay photos
  • Photo and complete profile-viewing requires Premium access
  • ”Erotic type” shared with five pictures
  • Lots of details on profiles
  • Simple to update profiles

Don’t let your profile languish incomplete. A finished profile tells you a lot about a user, such as their work and any vices they partake in. You can also set up a nickname, which can be a lot of fun and help keep your identity protected.

While you don’t have to include a photo, it’s definitely going to help you stand out. With the right photo, you’ll have people clicking on your account without a moment’s hesitation. The site will need to approve your profile photo, so make sure you don’t choose one that’s too risqué. 

Another very fun part is using pictures to show your “Erotic Type.” This might not be something you’ve ever thought about, but you’ll be able to figure it out with a little consideration. This can help you find someone with the right sexual chemistry.


  • Three months – $79.90/month
  • Six months – $59.90/month
  • One year – $39.90/month

C-Date’s Premium membership can be fairly expensive. Even if you’re choosing the most economical option of a year-long membership, you’re still paying just under $40 per month. However, the features you get for Premium access are still very good.

You’ll be able to deliver messages, see more photos, favorite users, and get a never-ending run of Contact Proposals. It’s hard not to envy women for getting Premium for free. But if you’re able to work out your budget or maybe give up other memberships that you’re not using, C-Date Premium is a great choice.


Contact Proposal

As we’ve previously discussed, Contact Proposal involves different matches being brought to you. They’ll come to your inbox and will show you the user as well as their general details. As a Premium user, Contact Proposal can give you a lot of great leads.

My Erotic Type

My Erotic Type is a great game of sexual psychology. You’ll pick five different pictures, and then your erotic type will be shown. The four categories are “Conventional,” “Adventurous,” “Romantic,” and “Wild.”

Photo Release

You can keep yourself more confidential by unchecking a box reading “All women can see my photo.” Once you’ve decided that you trust someone, you can let them see your pictures. This is a really good way to stay safe on C-Date.

Final Thoughts

C-Date has been a great site for hookups and other casual sex encounters. It can seem surprisingly classy, but there’s nothing inherently low-class about wanting o to have fun. The more we fight against those perceptions, the better off we’ll be.

Sign up for C-Date just so you can see what we’re talking about when we call it a great site. You’ll get at least a few days of Premium, and you might be able to get something scheduled before your trial ends. You’re pretty lucky if you’re a female user, and if you’re male, well, it’s definitely worth the cost.