Heated Affairs Review: Is This Site Legit?

In my dating career, I’ve come across far too many sites that make promises they can’t keep. They’d claim they would find me the match of my dreams. That might explain why so many of their other user’s profiles put me to sleep.

However, Heated Affairs is something different. It probably worked so well for me because I know that I’m different. I came across this site in the midst of a very loveless relationship, and it’s done a lot for me. In this guide, I’m going to give you the rundown on Heated Affairs.


  1. 30 million American members
  2. 40,000 members join each month
  3. 30/70 male-female split
  4. Your own profile
  5. 200,000 visits each month
  6. 70,000 new clicks per month
  7. The majority of users have premium accounts
  8. Majority male users
  9. Users end to be 25 and older

It might surprise you to learn how popular an affair dating site can be. Heated Affairs has tens of millions of users in the United States alone and tens of thousands signing up every month. Other people doing something doesn’t make it right, but you can at least know you’re not alone.

If you’re looking for a site teeming with women, you’re in the wrong place. Heated Affairs is mostly comprised of men, and most of them are in their mid-twenties and older. You can tell that some marriages have gone south when you browse this site.

Premium membership is very commonplace on Heated Affairs. We’ll tell you about some of these premium features. This can help you decide if you want to make that investment.


  1. Users must be 18 or older
  2. It takes between four and eight minutes to join
  3. Five sections to complete
  4. Multiple people can share an account
  5. Doesn’t suggest matches
  6. Must verify your account with an email
  7. No Facebook sign-up

It’s very easy to join Heated Affairs. There are five sections that you can fill out in just a few minutes. These cover your background information as well as what you want from any matches.

You can’t sign up via Facebook, which is good considering how important privacy on this site is. You can set up a username, which should be picked carefully so that you’re not risking exposure. Other parts of your background can be left unanswered, just in case, it’s especially sensitive.

Your registration ends with some writing about yourself. From there, you can verify your email. Then, you’ll be able to explore all the fruits of this site. 

Reaching Out

  1. Total messaging privileges with premium
  2. Free blogging and group access
  3. Chat rooms available for everyone
  4. Free interaction with contest photos
  5. 200 members-maximum for standard user Hotlist
  6. Instant messaging allowed with free and premium users

Wouldn’t it be awful to meet someone on an affair dating site, only to find out it’s just a scammer? Heated Affairs’ strict moderation keeps the fakes out. There are also lots of great communication tools available. As a premium user, you’ll be able to use all of these.

Direct Messages is the most straightforward, and it includes media as well as text. If you’re not ready for this, you can send a user a “flirt” to show they caught your eye. Instant messaging and chatrooms are some of the other great communication features of Heated Affairs. Let yourself feel like a bigger part of the community by participating in groups and blog forums.


  1. No trouble to update profile
  2. Informative profiles
  3. Must have a premium for seeing full profiles
  4. Complete photos and videos only available to premium users
  5. A standard search for all users
  6. Two methods of account verification

There’s a lot of information on Heated Affairs profiles. You might not realize this when you first sign up because you need to have premium access or have someone with premium access reach out to you. When you look at a complete profile, you can get the lowdown about a user and find out exactly what they’re looking for.

Distinct information is found by looking at “My Kink” responses, what other users think of them, and how compatible the two of you are. There are also sections that help you to send messages, photos, and gifts, and ways you can mark a user as special, such as putting them on your Hotlist or making them a friend. 


Gold Membership

  • One month – $39.95
  • Three months – $26.95/month


  • 200 Credits – $3
  • 500 Credits – $6
  • 1,000 Credits – $10

Adult Movies

  • Three days – $2
  • One month – $18.95
  • Three months – $12.95/month

Search Highlights

  • One month – $9.95
  • Three months – $8.95/month

Private Chat

  • One month – $9.95
  • Three months – $6.95/month
  • Six months – $5.95/month

There are many different premium options on Heated Affairs. You might decide to stack some of these together. For instance, having both Private Chat and Search Highlights access can be really cool. 

Signing up for one month of Gold Membership can quickly engulf you in the beauty of Heated Affairs. You can beef out your Hotlist, get better search results, and see profiles in their complete glory. If you’re married, keep a close eye on your bank statements so that you’re not caught off-guard by your spouse’s questions.


Heated Affairs also includes some really exciting features. Points let you talk with beautiful live members, Search Highlight give you great search results, and Adult Movies lets you see more than one thousand great explicit films.

The best part is probably the Private Chat Room. This lets you have an exclusive conversation that talk to people you really get along with. These exclusive features are excellent reasons to have a premium membership.


Having an affair is a decision you need to be careful about making. If you’re firm in your decision, Heated Affairs is a truly powerful site. You might feel totally renewed by the romantic possibilities, especially if your love has gone seriously downhill.

With a premium membership to Heated Affairs, the possibilities can feel even greater. Be sure to consider your decisions and stop anything you might regret. As long as you recognize the risks, Heated Affairs can be really amazing.