Is Flirting A Sign Of Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction can be devastating to relationships. When one partner becomes obsessed with the act of sex, it can lead to cheating and affairs, compulsive use of pornography, and other unhealthy behaviors. If you are concerned that your partner may have an issue with sex, you should seek professional help. If the reason you’re worried is that your partner is flirting a lot, you may or may not have a valid reason to be concerned.

Differences Of Normal And Problem Flirting

Sometimes flirting is nothing more than normal social interaction. Other times it is a sign of a larger issue.

Normal Flirting

Relationship experts and anthropologists consider flirting to be a normal part of human interaction. Researchers studying cultures around the world find flirting in every corner of the globe. It’s simply a universal human tool of communication. Taking it back to the most basic level, we flirt in order to get a mate, reproduce and pass on our genetic material. After thousands of years of doing it, flirting has become instinctual and something that we do even when the primary objective has been met.

When someone is in a happy and stable relationship and still flirting with other people, it does not necessarily indicate a problem. Your partner may flirt with other women because it makes him feel young and attractive. He may do it just because it’s fun to interact with others in a playful manner. Maybe it was his charming nature that drew you to him in the first place. It does not necessarily mean he is looking for an affair or that he has a problem with sex addiction.

Flirting As Part Of A Bigger Problem

While for most people flirting is an innocent, harmless and normal way to interact with others, for some, it can be an indicator of a deeper problem. Someone with a sex addiction typically engages in more than one unhealthy behavior to an obsessive degree. Flirting may be one of these. Other problem behaviors can include using online pornography, interacting with women online in an inappropriate way, or sending sexual texts (sexting).

So How Can You Tell If Your Partner’s Flirting Is Normal Or A Sex Addiction Behavior?

Be aware of your partner’s other behaviors. One aspect of sex addiction is a preoccupation with anything sexual. Flirting is a way of interacting with people that makes sense if sex is always on his mind. Other ways in which he may show this preoccupation are by making sexual jokes, constantly eyeing other people, or talking too much about sex and appearance.

Sex addicts are compulsive about their behavior. 

If you ask your partner to be less flirtatious because it bothers you and he can’t comply, he could have a problem. If he is not a sex addict and is just an outgoing and flirty person, he should be able to tone it down to make you feel more comfortable. Another sign of sex addiction, especially in someone who flirts a lot, is low self-esteem. Many sex addicts feel unworthy, and flirting is a way to feel more desirable.

Talk With Your Partner – Professional Help May Be Required

You may not be able to fully determine whether your partner is a sex addict without professional help. But if you are worried about it, start by talking to him. If he hears your concerns, accepts them as valid, and changes his behavior, you’re probably not living with a sex addict. If he can’t change his ways, ask him to see a specialist with you. An expert in relationships and sex addiction can help you work through the situation.