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Suspicious Mind? A Private Investigator Can Find Out If Your Partner’s Cheating

Suspicious Mind? A Private Investigator Can Find Out If Your Partner's CheatingWhen people suspect that their partners are having affairs, some prefer never to know for sure.  Others have to know. Still others want pictures and physical evidence of the affair to use in court during divorce proceedings.  The last two kinds of suspicious minds are the ones who hire private investigators.

A private investigator or PI can tell you once and for all if your partner is cheating.  They work smarter and faster than ever because they now have access to extremely complex and effective high-tech spy equipment. They can record conversations and take videos and pictures from great distances, break into email accounts and chatroom records, record telephone conversations, track vehicles, and run identity checks on the “other person.”  Most PIs get their training in the military or law enforcement, and some actually specialize in “spousal surveillance.”

Private detectives can be affordable depending on what you want.  PIs are usually paid by the hour plus mileage so internet surveillance is cheaper than hiring an agent to follow your partner and record what he or she is doing.  Usually, the more information you can provide about your partner’s habits, the faster he can complete the job for you.

It is important to hire a PI who is licensed in your state, because this area of expertise often involves a “gray area” of the law.  The person you hire should be ethical, discreet and professional.

On-Line Cheating and Private Investigators

Private detectives have access to specialized computer databases unavailable to the public that enables them to gather background information on anyone in the world.  They also use specialized equipment to find out if a partner is using pornography, “singles” websites, or having online sex.  For example, one device captures and records everything a person types into a computer, including emails, chatroom conversations, instant messages, and web searches.  It is also possible to find out if your partner has registered on websites as unmarried or unattached, and if he or she has posted profiles to find “dates” or “hook-ups”  through certain other kinds of computer forensics.  Laws vary from state to state about the legality of going into password-protected computers and other such things, so every  investigation therefore is unique.

Physical Cheating and Private Investigators

“Domestic surveillance” is the term PIs use for gathering information on cheating spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends. PIs typically can “open up” bank statements to find out if a partner has paid for dinner for two during a business trip, bought lingerie, jewelry or other gifts for the “other person,” or is otherwise spending money on an affair.

A suspicious spouse can legally place surveillance equipment in his or her own bedroom or tap his or her own phone.  Today’s high tech hidden cameras can resemble clock radios or other common household items.  One spy camera goes behind the ventilated screen in a gym bag, enabling it to be moved from room to room as necessary.

Sometimes PIs will follow cheaters in automobiles and then park across the street from hotels or homes to take pictures and record conversations of what is happening in bedrooms.  They also frequently follow subjects and record meetings in airports, restaurants, nightclubs and offices.  PIs can also find out the identity of the person who is always hanging up every time a spouse answers a phone.  Having this kind of inconvertible evidence can often increase monetary settlements during a divorce proceedings.

If you suspect your partner of cheating, there is one last thing you should know about hiring a private detective.  Finding out “for sure” is devastating for most people and once you have the information, there is no going back.

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